24 Jan 2022

PPS supplies Acriliart panels to restored olive farm in Puglia

Pps Puglia2

A chance meeting in an Italian coffee bar last summer ultimately led to PPS's Managing Director Noel Palmer supplying and fitting a series of Acryliart sunflower panels into a restored traditional olive farm in Puglia. “Acryliart” is a PPS brand of directly printed images onto 10 mm clear acrylic widely supplied to restaurants and up market establishments for interior displays and wall art.  The owner, who was nearing completion on a traditional Puglian cone shaped trullo had been discussing wall art for the property and wanted something modern, yet reflecting traditional Italian images and style.

In conversation, Noel suggested the printed acrylic route, which with polished chrome, stands off on the rugged interior walls. Upon Noel's return to England, PPS sourced numerous images of sunflowers, sunsets and traditional Italian landscapes for a total of 12 large acrylic displays. In addition some matching acrylic exterior signage was also produced along with the design and production of a special historical display reflecting the restoration and local primitive symbols associated with this type of dwelling.

Aimed primarily at the hotel, hospitality and commercial sections of the marketplace, Acryliart panels add an intriguing sparkle and metallic depth to graphics.  All panels were shipped out to southern Italy with Noel flying out to personally supervise the installation at the olive farm and the hand over to the new owner who had been extremely supportive throughout the entire project and enthusiastic enough to place the order with an English company.

Pps Puglia1