22 Jan 2022

Signwright (UK) finishes on time with support from William Smith

There were 27 separate elements to the project, the largest of which were the back wall panels.

Support and advice from William Smith’s technical sales team enabled Signwright (UK) to secure and complete on time a prestigious contract for Beverley Race Course.

The contract is for refurbishment to the bar and other areas used by trainers and owners for corporate entertaining.

The brief required a finish that would complement the features of the overall project, providing a high-end look without a high-end cost, and to be completed within a 12 week time span. On the recommendation of William Smith, 3M’s DI-NOC self-adhesive laminate film was selected for the project.

Providing over 900 patterns in a wide variety of shades, surface textures and finishes, DI-NOC offers unlimited flexibility for the creation of natural or hi-tech effects for both modern and traditional environments.

The faithfully reproduced wood, metal, marble, leather, stone, stucco and many other finishes of DI-NOC film can be applied to walls, floors, furniture and machines. It integrates well into both new design and refurbishment projects and is, therefore, suitable for a wide range of applications, including retail stores, hotels and offices, as well as for general interior design.

“We contacted William Smith at the beginning of the project and they recommended DI-NOC ,” explains Signwright managing director Matthew Wright. “And, in order to help the architect and client select the colour and finish from this extensive range, they supplied sample boards of the material so that everyone concerned could get a real feel for the product and how it would look. This was essential to the project due to the prestige nature of the area of the race course concerned.”

“Due to the thickness of the material Di-Noc required careful application,” comments Matthew. “However, by working meticulously in accordance with 3M’s instructions, it applied very well and achieved the desired result. We also produced trial panels and put them to rigorous tests before starting full production.”

There were 27 separate elements to the project, the largest of which were the back wall panels.

“In all around 500 panels were produced, all of which required precise and accurate finish to the corners, and nearly 2,000 fixings were used,” Matthew continues. “We were working within a very tight time constraint but completed installation with around six hours to spare (and a few sleepless nights).”

“It looks very effective and the client was impressed with the product,” adds Matthew.

Sally Iggulden, Chief Executive at Beverley Race Course comments: “Signwright (UK) was an integral part of our £700,000 project to totally transform our main event suite at Beverley Racecourse. The team at Signwright were involved from the very start of the project, and advised on several innovative techniques that not only created a unique look and feel, but also saved a considerable amount of money on our original plans. The enthusiasm shown by Matthew Wright, and the desire to create something unique, was something I very rarely come across – he listened so carefully to the brief, and took time to really talk to me and the design team, so that he had a full understanding of what we hoped to achieve. And then he totally exceeded those hopes!”

“Not only was the work and innovation to an exceptional standard, the dedication shown by the entire team took things to another level,” Sally Iggulden continues. “We were working to a very tight timescale, and the Signwright team often were dependent on other contractors finishing before they could get started. Not once did they complain or panic, but carried on their work with a wonderfully pleasing ethic of ‘getting the job done’, which involved working through the night and staying on site, to ensure that the job was completed on time and workmanship was not compromised. Wonderfully innovative, thorough and particular.”

Matthew Wright adds: “I would also like to give massive thanks to Peter Dutka from Dutka Architects and all the staff at Signwright (UK) for all the hard work and unrelenting dedication to providing a first class finished result.”

Commending the part that William Smith played in the project, Mathew Wright stresses: “William Smith did a great job, working with 3M to ensure delivery on time, including arranging a special manufacturing run of our chosen material. They were very supportive in helping us achieve our end result. If it hadn’t been for their help in ensuring that the logistics worked, we couldn’t have done the job. They really do go the extra mile. It was their exceptional service that helped us to provide a good product,” he concludes.