24 Oct 2021

Spectral Design puts finishing touches to Porsche GT3 with Metamark film

Metamark Porsche

Spectral Design has vamped up a Porsche GT3 with the help of Metamark's MD-CF4 film.  The company added a carbon fibre roof and bonnet enhancement to the car recently at its Hook, Hampshire-based premises.

Carbon fibre parts virtually defy gravity in being so light, but are immensely strong and are now used in all manner of structural applications. The carbon enhancements Spectral fitted enjoy the benefits of being applied over existing panel work structure, they look like carbon fibre, but cost the client a tiny fraction of the price he’d be expected to pay for the real articles.

Spectral used Metamark MD-CF4 for the panels. Cut and applied, the application is hard to distinguish from the real thing. It not only looks the part, and even feels it too, the film protects the underlying paint from road-rash and stone chips. The panels are expertly applied with no deviations in the Metamark MD-CF4’s weave texture being apparent.

For more information, please visit www.metamark.co.uk