24 Oct 2021

Tadanori Yokoo's New Photo Exhibition Features Giant Mural of Tokyo Y- Junction


Tadanori Yokoo

Everything, from large-format prints to exhibition invitations, was produced using HP cutting-edge printing technology


Internationally renowned artist Tadanori Yokoo released a photography compilation based on his own signature work "Y-Junction." For the photography exhibition opened in commemoration of the publication, it was necessary to print high-quality photographs in various sizes that took advantage of the gallery's layout. In particular, it had been Yokoo's dream to create a large-format print, without join lines, that covers an entire wall.


  • HP Designjet L65500 Printer
  • HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer
  • HP Designjet Z6100 Printer
  • HP Premium Instant-dry
  • Gloss Photo Paper
  • HP Premium Vivid Color Backlit film
  • HP Indigo press 5500


  • The HP Designjet L65500 Printer was used to achieve a large-format print that covers an entire wall, without join lines. Additionally, an odourless exhibition was made possible even indoors with HP's unique HP Latex Inks.
  • High-quality photo printing in various sizes using HP Designjet Z3200/Z6100 Printers and genuine HP photography paper and film, realised the site-specific photography exhibition that Yokoo had imagined.
  • Invitations printed on an HP Indigo press 5500, achieving a photograph-like finish with lamination.

From paintings to photographs, seeking a new perspective on Y-junctions

Countless Y-junctions exist, not only in Japan, but also worldwide. Tadanori Yokoo was drawn to these usually unnoticed places and has continued to paint them for many years. With this artwork by Yokoo - who has exhibited his exceptional ability in various fields, including painting, film, plays, music, and literature - you'll enjoy original points of observation and unique global perspectives in condensed form; it's considered a true signature work.

Yokoo explains his theme. "Y-junctions are special places where one road forks into a 'Y' shape. In modern cities they are also extremely difficult to exploit usefully, and thus I sense their gradual demise. Perhaps I'm continuing to chase after a city landscape that will become extinct in the future."

Yokoo's creative output, with almost 100 painted Y-junctions, has gone from painting to the expressive medium of photography. Here, he focuses a new on Y-junctions but in a distinctly different way.

Eliminating people from Tokyo's Y-junctions

Yokoo describes his careful photography preparation. "While I had already taken many photographs of Y-junctions as painting materials, one day I decided to visit the Y-junctions in Tokyo and assembled them as a photo series. From the start I insisted on having no people in the photos. In Tokyo, where the presence of people is a given, I strove to portray Y-junctions non-realistically."

However, doing so was no easy task, as Yokoo explains: "Nowadays, with computer graphics, you can immediately erase people from photographs. But I didn't want to do that. I just kept waiting, committed, hoping that people would leave. Eventually that moment came, and when I opened the shutter it felt like my prayers had been answered."

Of the Y-junctions that Yokoo photographed in his meticulous exploration of Tokyo's 23 wards, outskirts, and islands, he chose 248 works for the photography compilation "TOKYO Y-JUNCTION." To celebrate, he is holding an exhibition by the same name at Nishimura Gallery, Chuo Ward, Tokyo, Japan.

There, Yokoo reflects on the importance of a giant, wall-size printed work. "When I visited Nishimura Gallery and was considering the exhibition artwork selection and layout, I thought how I'd like to hang a wall-size Y-junction photograph. I'd been pondering it for a while; once when I visited New York, I saw a giant photograph on a building and thought I'd like to do that in Japan sometime."

L65500 510

Cutting-edge digital printing technology that supported the exhibition

However, only one digital printer could meet Yokoo's special needs: HP Japan's large-format HP Designjet L65500 Printer, which facilitated the production of a wall-size work. The printer features the newly developed, odourless HP Latex Inks for more comfortable indoor exhibitions.

Standing in front of his newly printed giant-size work, Yokoo expressed delight with its high quality and reproducibility. "I was surprised at the lack of join lines in the print and that it had been completely printed as a single work. Standing in front of it, it feels like I've entered the actual Y-junction depicted."

Including the giant wall-size print, approximately 100 works were selected from the photography compilation for the exhibition. HP printed all the artworks, using the large-format photo printers HP Designjet Z3200 and HP Designjet Z6100. These printers have 12-ink and 8-ink printing systems respectively, use HP Vivera pigment inks, and deliver beautiful photo quality and high colour accuracy. In addition, HP printed the exhibition's invitations on an HP Indigo press 5500, which uses Electroink liquid ink technology to be able to do short print runs with offset printing quality.

In response to the high-quality digital prints enabled through this cutting-edge technology, Yokoo expresses his hopes for new art born from the conflict between analogue and digital. "An analogue human being like me can't keep pace with the digital world. However, I think that as the analogue and digital worlds move further and further apart, the impact of their eventual collision will be greater. That's why I hope HP continues to pursue cutting-edge printing technology, far ahead of my comprehension. Meanwhile, I might lean toward analogue or I might try to catch up with digital technology. Either way, our actions will spawn novel expressions in the new age."

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