10 Aug 2022

Tara Signs scales Canary Wharf's dizzy heights with Robert Horne Group's support

Robert Horne Group’s expert knowledge ensured that UK-based Tara Signs was ready to reach the challenges of high rise signage manufacturing and installation. 

With over 40 years experience in the industry, Tara Signs manufactures large scale corporate signs for blue chip companies right down to smaller customised signs for local businesses. The company was commissioned to supply corporate signage for J P Morgan. The brief was to produce two sets of 3.5 metre high built-up logos for installation on the North and South elevation of its new 502 feet high office building in Canary Wharf, London.


With a requirement to engineer and install the signage solution at this extreme height, this project was challenging. Tara Signs is one of a few companies in the UK with expertise in managing projects where signage is required in high rise buildings and was able to demonstrate its experience on this unique project.

Quality was paramount to Tara Signs; it needed to produce the signage using materials that were reliable, resilient and long lasting. After all, installing the lettering and illuminating it, would be futile, if the materials used were not fit for purpose.


Tara Signs wanted to develop both a solution and a working prototype to present to its client and having worked with Robert Horne Group for many years, consulted with the materials supplier for expert advice.

Robert Horne’s team of polycarbonate experts worked with Tara Signs’ sales manager, Marc Finnegan, demonstrated the range of material solutions available and recommended the best product for the job in hand, taking into account the unique requirements for this highly specialised signage solution. 

This complex project required a unique, robust solution and Robert Horne recommended using LEXAN OPAL SG3050B 5mm micron media as the polycarbonate of choice. 

“Robert Horne Group helped us by recommending the best substrate solution that would meet the exact requirements of a very specific brief. We needed a strong, durable polycarbonate with excellent bright whiteness and illumination. Robert Horne’s proactive approach, its recommendation of LEXAN OPAL and ability to supply samples that enabled us to create a prototype solution, played a significant part in Tara Signs securing this unique project,”  says Marc Finnegan.

Key Benefits

LEXAN OPAL has all the properties required for the job in hand, including strength, a brighter white colour when illuminated and excellent diffusion, eliminating hot spots. LEXAN OPAL is virtually unbreakable, extremely strong and designed to withstand high winds and weather extremes making it an ideal solution for this high rise building where these are major factors.

Robert Horne provided Tara Signs with samples of LEXAN OPAL as well as a light box to demonstrate its superior appearance. This enabled the company to produce a working prototype of the recommended solution to demonstrate to J P Morgan the unique diffusion illuminating properties and the brighter white of this polycarbonate when combined with LED lighting.

Creating a prototype was paramount in securing the deal as - after seeing the solution first hand - J P Morgan commissioned the project which was delivered by Tara Signs. 

Working in partnership, Robert Horne and Tara Signs calculated and evaluated other LEXAN OPAL product factors such as weight restrictions and drilling compatibility, during both the manufacturing and installation processes.  The consultative approach, support and expert materials advice provided by Robert Horne ensured that Tara Signs delivered this six month project to the highest standards and met the requirements of the designers, architects and engineers employed by both the end client and within Tara Signs own skilled team. For example, using the calculations specified by the structural engineer, Tara Signs was able to illustrate that LEXAN OPAL had the strength to withstand the wind factor, even where the thin serif on the logo type face reached a minimum size.

“Brand image was always paramount to the client - especially in such a high profile location - and we were delighted with the representation and superior illumination of the logos on the new offices. Robert Horne Group delivered a first class product and service,” concludes Marc.

For more information on Robert Horne Group, please visit www.roberthorne.co.uk

[Photos above and below show the installation at J P Morgan]