24 Jan 2022

Pixartprinting reveals heritage of European cities with London Floors

London Floors - St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Pixartprinting has revealed more of the fascinating multicultural heritage of Europe's major capitals with London Floors.

It is the latest chapter in the content creation project dedicated to everything that lies beneath our feet.

The leading European Upload&Print firm has a growing reputation for promoting innovative forms of marketing and sharing unusual content linked to the worlds of art and graphic design. Having immortalised the most fascinating floors of Venice and Barcelona, German photographer Sebastian Erras' 'selfeet' provide users with an original map of the city, tracking down a series of brightly-coloured mosaics.

"The messages and designs on a city's floors reveal its soul. In London we discovered a remarkably rich heritage of unique mosaics, with colours and patterns not seen anywhere else. The three chapters in the Floors 'saga' dedicated to the best decorative features of Europe's cities have been a great success, and reflect the innovative approach to producing and distributing cultural content that has always set our business apart" noted Andrea Pizzola, Sales & Marketing Director at Pixartprinting.

The beautiful shots of London's floors can be seen on the website created especially by Pixartpinting for the project. An interactive map takes users on a virtual tour, allowing them to appreciate the details on floors created with exceptional craftsmanship at some of London's most emblematic sites. One such masterpiece is Bibendum, better known as the 'Michelin Man' - a giant mosaic in one of the rooms of the Michelin building on Fulham Road. But Bibendum is just one of many sides to a city that loves its mosaics. The most famous is the Cosmati pavement at Westminster Abbey, made of colourful stones set in a geometric pattern. The tour then continues around London's fashionable streets to the luxurious St Pancras Hotel, where you can admire encaustic tiles, decorated terracotta that recalls Medieval floors. Small gems of attractive flooring are also hidden in less well-known buildings, restaurants, shops, churches and museums, and these have all been given the recognition they deserve in the London Floors project.

Content creation forms part of Pixartprinting's holistic marketing strategy, and it is one of the reasons for the company's success. Projects are developed to foster new forms of engagement and customer loyalty, where users take centre stage in their relationship with the brand. The exploration of European capitals has also branched out in a new direction: shop signs. First stop - Milan.