25 Oct 2021

Time to shine for Oasis Graphic Co and Andpol

Oasis Pizza Express Banstead1

Oasis Graphic Co and Andpol have teamed up once again to help create an exciting and fresh new interior for the Banstead Pizza Express restaurant, following their success with the golf-themed Sunningdale restaurant in August. The newly refurbished Banstead restaurant re-opened with its refurbishment complete on Monday September 17th 2012.

Taking 'The Time Machine' by H.G.Wells as the starting point (Banstead appears prominently in the novel), the restaurant architects Turner Bates chose a passage from the book and worked with Oasis and Andpol to create the theme and palette for the refurbishment. The studio at Oasis helped to design the wall coverings, window graphics and an attention grabbing clock design that closely followed the brief agreed with Turner Bates and Andpol.

Oasis created UV printed custom wallpaper featuring knocked out text from the novel, selectively darkened to subtly depict a large lithograph of H.G Wells. Oasis also helped to design several large zig-zag motifs applied to glass and mirrors in optically clear vinyl, and a large image of a clock movement. This image was created from a base of digitally printed wallpaper, with individual parts of the movement made from optically clear printed vinyl applied to mirror diboard and raised off the main surface with stud and socket to create a three dimensional centrepiece.

Chris Boyd-Leslie, studio manager at Oasis Graphic Co, welcomed the opportunity to get the studio more involved, "For this collaboration with Andpol, we were given a fairly broad brief and a real chance to flex our creative muscles. In addition to providing our customary quality of service and print, and with these designs for Pizza Express in Banstead, I believe that we've also excelled ourselves creatively."

[photo shows the newly refurbished Pizza Express restaurant at Banstead]