22 Jan 2022

Two new safety guidelines from the BSGA

Bsga Update

The BSGA (British Sign and Graphics Association) has issued new guidelines for sign makers and sign buyers covering two safety critical areas.

The first provides clarification on the legal obligations of both sign buyers and sign makers in terms of sign maintenance and inspection, and the second provides guidance on how new Eurocodes affect the sign industry – particularly where signs are structural and contain load-bearing components.

“The guideline about sign maintenance has been issued in light of a number of tragic incidents involving signs and make it clear what the sign buyer’s role is in terms of installation and maintenance of signs,” said David Catanach, Director of the BSGA.

“The second guide has been produced to provide an overview of what type of signs need to conform to the new Eurocodes,” he added.  “These regulations come under criminal rather than civil law, and will carry greater penalties for failure to comply.

“It is, therefore, vital that sign makers understand what is required of them.”

In addition to the guidelines, the BSGA has released copies of three International Sign Association (ISA) “white papers” on wayfinding, typography and signs, and a wide format print and media mix survey.

“These papers offer relatable facts, together with case studies, that will give sign makers  some excellent information and guidance,” said David.

The guidelines and the white papers can be downloaded from the BSGA website at www.bsga.co.uk