10 Aug 2022

Vista System’s multi directional post signs recently installed at Trollwood Performing Arts Campus In Moorhead Minnesota USA.

Vista System International, a world leader in Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT), recently supplied its new multi directional post signs to "Indigo Signworks" for installation at Trollwood Performing Arts campus in Moorhead Minnesota USA.

The location is a large outdoor amphitheater where summertime events are held and draw large amounts of people that need to be directed efficiently. The client required a wayfinding system for the campus that would be suitable for an outdoor environment, match the look and form of existing light pole elements and provide a medium that could easily be updated.

The design team of Vista System created a new MCFT product to match the exact requirements presented by "Indigo Signworks". The result is a new multidirectional post sign, designed to fit into poles of various sizes and shapes. Each sign frame can be positioned in any angle and easily updated by in house staff.

Working with Vista is like having a cost free project engineer on staff. The customer simply provides his ideas and needs and shortly thereafter can visually see his visions become realities. Through the process of creating the new product, Vista provides the customer with 3D renderings, CAD drawings, and superimposed images for presentations. Thanks to the flexibility and modularity of MCFT, projects can often be finished ahead of even tight schedules.