25 Oct 2021

Vista System’s unique wayfinding signage was recently installed at My Baby Centre, the biggest toy shop in Israel


Vista Wayfinding

Vista System International, a world leader in Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT), recently supplied a unique, custom made wayfinding solution to “Studio Keren”, for installation at “My Baby” centre, the biggest toys & baby products shop in Israel, located in Yirca in the northern Galilee.

The Client needed a unique signage solution for one of the project's challenges: 6 pylons, to fit perfectly around existing concrete columns. The solution had to be elegant and stylish.

The Client chose Vista System for its flexibility, stylish design and competitive price. Ten Vista Light profiles were combined to create a wrap-a-round for each column. The solution was creative, precise and a perfect match for the client’s requirements.

The project was completed swiftly to the full satisfactory of the client and at a very low price compared to traditional custom made signs.

Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) is a new concept for the sign industry designed to fill the gap between modular and custom made signs.  MCFT offers the best of both worlds by offering the advantages of a modern modular system with the ability to provide a highly customisable solution that meets the unique requirements for each project.