27 Feb 2020

Durst, a leading manufacturer of digital inkjet printers, demonstrates a new way of decorating glass at Glasstec 2010

Durst Rho 700

Durst demonstrates its digital decoration system at Glasstec 2010 in Düsseldorf. Using its Rho 700 flatbed printer and its innovative Sol-Gel ink, Durst will be continuously digitally printing on glass and offering samples for visitors to take away. Durst has over 75 years’ experience of imaging technology and was one of the first companies to perfect large-format digital inkjet printing.

Durst has created an innovative and cost effective solution for digital glass decoration and one that provides flexibility, and the ability to print unique patterns or copy natural patterns such as wood and stone, for example. It also provides the ability to offer exceptionally fast turn round for customers.

The Sol-Gel UV ink supplied by Durst is organically pigmented and offers high ecological standards. Sol-Gel ink actually forms a chemical bond with the glass after heating to 200˚C to provide unique resistance characteristics. Many tests on Durst’s Sol-Gel ink have been conducted and have proven its excellent adhesion, durability and chemical resistance. These tests include the following stability properties:

Water resistance
After immersion in water at room temperature for 72 hours
Result: no loss in adhesion (Cross Hatch Test EN ISO 2409), no softening of the ink film, no blistering, embrittlement or colour change.

Hot water resistance (in style of ASTM D870-02)
After immersion in water at 65˚C (149˚F) for 30 minutes
Result: no loss in adhesion (Cross Hatch Test EN ISO 2409), no softening of the ink film, no blistering, embrittlement or colour change.

Humidity resistance (according to EN ISO 6270)
Samples exposed at 40˚C to 100% r.H. for 100 hours
Result: no delamination or blistering.

Chemical resistance
Tested with alcohols, glass cleaning agents, commercial bath and shower cleaners, acids (hydrochloric 10%, acetic 5%) and caustic soda (2.3%)
Result: no ink removal.

Weathering resistance (according to EN ISO 11507 and 11341)
Samples exposed to QUVA Light Source, Xenon Light Source (similar to sunlight) and evaluated against colour change and blistering  
Result: inks are suitable for long term indoor applications (˃ 10 years) from a colour fading point of view.

Suitability for Insulation Glass (according to EN 1279 Norm)
Result: all criteria met including fogging test for 16 weeks

As a result of the resistance characteristics of the Sol-Gel inks and digital inkjet technology, the Durst glass decoration system offers new business opportunities for interior design applications. It is capable of full scale production runs of interior fittings for large retail chains or glass furniture, for example, and is also able to produce one-offs and prototypes, such as boutique interiors or temporary outdoor signs. The Sol-Gel ink is available in CMYK with options of White and Satinato, for imitation of satin glass.

Digital Printing Technologies Enable Serigrafia Pioner to Offer New Flexible and Rigid Products and Services


Hp Scitex Fb7500

Like the best dynamic businesses, Serigrafia Pioner, of Leganés, (near Madrid), Spain, keeps a close eye on both changes in the market and developments in technology.

Established in 1965 as a traditional screen printer producing indoor and outdoor signage and graphics, Serigrafia Pioner has been steadily increasing its digital printing capabilities across its product range.

Three years ago, the company installed an HP Designjet 9000s Printer for the production of backlit displays for its customers, including international brands.

"The printer produces top quality results," said Javier Clemente, general manager, Serigrafia Pioner. "As the result of our experience with that machine, we looked at other areas where we could add digital production."

Since then, Serigrafia Pioner has installed HP Scitex FB7500 Printer, and more recently the HP Scitex TJ8600 Printer and HP Scitex XP5100 Printer.

The FB7500 is designed for printing rigid and flexible sheets and uses UV-curable inks. With print speeds up to 500m2 per hour, the HP Scitex FB7500 Printer delivers the highest productivity of any digital flatbed printer in its price class.(1) HP Scitex X2 piezoelectric printheads maximise uptime and can be easily replaced and calibrated by the operator.

"We had looked at a number flatbed printers," Clemente explained. "What we really liked with the HP Scitex FB7500 Printer was the quality/price ratio. After working with the machine for nine months now, we are really quite pleased with it. For certain types of work, conventional screen printing cannot compete with digital.

"There are other benefits, too: the new printer has enabled us to carry out projects we could not do before. Our screen machines are 1.80 x 1.20m, and the FB7500 can print up to 3.2 x 1.65m," Clemente continued. "We save on costs because we don't have to prepare screens and make the stencil films for each colour, or mix the inks - screen printing doesn't use the PANTONE® Colour system, so you have to mix colours yourself - it all takes time. Our single FB7500 does in one hour what used to take several hours and four screen machines."

Growth opportunities

Serigrafia Pioner's digital capability has enabled the company to develop its services and take on work that was previously not profitable.

"With a digital capability for both rigid and flexible substrate work, we can now take on jobs in areas where we weren't competitive before, but really, nobody else was either, because the technology wasn't available," Clemente said. "This benefitted the customers because it used to be common for the designers to think up jobs that couldn't be printed with screen. With digital printers, we can do them, and at a reasonable cost to the customer. The artwork arrives on a CD or is sent over the internet and we can start printing in five minutes."

One of Serigrafia Pioner's main customers is El Arbol, a supermarket with more than 420 stores in Spain. The shops comprise between 600 and 1400m2 and the company recently changed its image branding and asked Serigrafia Pioner to print the graphics and signage.

"The image change applied to everything, including the signs inside, the signs outside, vinyl images on the display windows and the signs in every section: deli, fish, wine, meats, and so on," Clemente explained. "There's also a backdrop that we made of Forex and Dibond, which is like aluminium.

"All the formats are very different from each other, but with the FB7500, we enter the format we want, print the image, take it to the shop and stick it to the wall with silicone," Clemente said. "It's a very, very easy task for the HP Scitex FB7500 Printer, and I have to say that to do this conventionally would have been absolutely impossible in terms of time and costs. We are fortunate enough to be getting exclusive monthly campaigns for single-post canvas billboards. I think that the FB7500 printer is the best machine in its sector."

Continuing investment

Serigrafia Pioner continued to invest in digital technology, acquiring an HP Scitex TJ8600 Printer in April:

"It's the first HP Scitex TJ series UV printer to be installed in Iberia and is very impressive, it can handle paper, vinyl and canvas," said Clemente.

Most recently, Serigrafia Pioner invested in an HP Scitex XP5100 Printer, a 5m (16.4ft), 8-colour printer.

"I have an old 5m solvent ink machine that prints between 40 - 50m2 per hour, but our new HP Scitex XP5100 Printer prints 100 - 120m2 per hour," Clemente continued. "What you need today is speed. Until recently, we all went home at 6pm, but now we're open 24 hours, including Saturdays and Sundays.

"The workflow is constant: you get a job at 4pm for 10am the following day. So what do digital printers give me?" Clemente concluded, "I'd say they give me the speed that I need, and the speed that the market and my customers need."

(1) Based on published manufacturer specifications as of July 2008.


Restaurant rebrands overnight with HP Latex Inks and HP large format media



Im Mee Pee Mun By Jakkajan



The Im Mee Pee Mun by Jakkajan restaurant's bare, cement exterior and dark, wood interior was not enticing customers to enter.

Owner Sornkrit Thongalarm wanted a vibrant renovation that could be done quickly with minimal impact to customers.






HP Designjet L25500 Printer with HP Latex Inks



HP materials, including:



    HP PVC-free Wall Paper


    HP Air Release Adhesive Gloss Cast Vinyl


    HP Durable Frontlit Scrim Banner


    HP Heavy Textile Banner


    HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper






The redecorated Im Mee Pee Mun by Jakkajan restaurant is a stand-out hot spot and traffic is continuing to increase.


The once bare, cement exterior and dark, wood interior of the Im Mee Pee Mun by Jakkajan restaurant was not enticing customers to enter as often as owner Sornkrit Thongalarm would have liked, despite the high-quality food offerings. Located in a prominent business district in Bangkok, Thailand, Sornkrit's restaurant was in desperate need of a remodel and new brand campaign. "I think the first thing that attracts people into a restaurant is its decoration," he explains, "but it's a matter of decorating in a short period of time."


Sornkrit wanted a complete redesign, but he needed to minimise the amount of time his restaurant would be closed. He also wanted to use products that reduce the environmental impact of printing and avoid negatively impacting his customers with lingering paint fumes and dust.



Not sure how to proceed, Sornkrit turned to the Thamnaksilp Advertising Company and, ultimately, the HP Designjet L25500 Printer with HP Latex Inks.



HP Latex Inks fulfill a vision



HP Latex Inks produce a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications without sacrificing quality or durability. Sathit Chaiyapatanaporn, executive director of the Thamnaksilp Advertising Company, explains, "The HP Designjet L25500 and HP Latex Inks can print on many kinds of materials. It was this versatility that suited the project. The technology also offers a reduced impact on the environment, durability and value."



When Sornkrit realised the HP Designjet L25500 could fulfill his vision, he was excited to start redecorating his entire restaurant, inside and out, from the curtains and menus to the exterior walls.



Turning a restaurant into art



An avid art lover, Sornkrit wanted his restaurant to showcase artwork and become a gathering place for other art enthusiasts. He found two artists, Oh Futhog and P7, whose eye-catching graphics would help represent his vision of modernity and convenience.



Sornkrit decided to incorporate these vibrant graphics into every detail of the renovation. "We wanted to create something different," Sornkrit explains. "HP technology was able to perfectly capture our new design." He adds that HP helped sponsor the renovation by donating all of the ink and media.



An overnight success



Using the HP Designjet L25500 with HP Latex Inks instead of traditional paints, wallpaper or fabrics meant there was little dry time, fewer fumes and easy setup. These factors were ideal for an overnight installation that would allow the restaurant to remain open. And because the prints are odourless,(1) customers would not be met with unpleasant smells the next day.



"Whether it's the material for the curtains, tabletops, aprons, or even the wrap of our exterior and interior, HP offers us a great choice," says Sornkrit, adding that the quality of the prints exceeded his expectations as well. "It really brought the artists' design to life."



The HP materials used for the renovation include HP PVC-free Wall Paper for the wallpaper and HP Air Release Adhesive Gloss Cast Vinyl for the tabletops. The coasters and menu covers were printed on HP Durable Frontlit Scrim Banner, and the curtains and aprons were printed on HP Heavy Textile Banner. Finally, postcards and invitations announcing the redesign were printed on HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper.



This versatility, paired with the new design, helped create a consistent look and feel throughout Sornkrit's restaurant. "Within one evening, the work was done. I didn't need to close the restaurant at all," Sornkrit explains. He adds, "It was like getting a new place overnight."



Irresistible décor



With the renovation complete, Sornkrit says customers are pleased with the look and feel of the restaurant, and traffic is increasing. "We are extremely satisfied with the way the design is making our business stand out in the area," says Sornkrit. "We are attracting more and more new customers," he continues. "People walking past outside always stop to look at the restaurant and often cannot resist coming inside to take a closer look. And our existing customers have all commented positively on the new look."



Sornkrit adds, "This whole process has been remarkably smooth. I am very satisfied with HP's printing quality, and I have confidence in the HP brand. There is a team of experts who I can consult any time." He goes on to say, "After putting our faith in HP technology for the restaurant's redesign, the outcome has proved to be even better than we could have imagined."



(1) Printers using HP Latex Inks use internal heaters to dry and cure the latex polymer film. Some substrates may have inherent odour.




Full Steam Ahead for Océ with Printing Help for Railway Competition


Royal Scot Minehead

Images of steam trains from a bygone age will be printed poster-size by digital pioneer Océ as part of a centrepiece spectacular for a photographic competition and exhibition.

The Steam Railway Photographic Competition has been running throughout the summer in Williton, Somerset. Headed ‘Steam’s Up’, snappers have been invited to submit photographs for a number of categories. These include Steam Engines and Rolling Stock, Diesel, Railway Landscapes, Railway People (staff or passengers), a special section for Under 16s. There’s even a competition for those who shun the digital age, and want to render their images in paint, pastel, crayon or any other medium.

Hundreds of entries have already been received by organisers, which have now been whittled down to 120. Final judging will start one week before the exhibition that is due to take place in West Somerset House, in the centre of Williton, to coincide with the West Somerset Railway’s Autumn Steam Gala on October 1-3. Details on www.willitonparishcouncil.org

One of the main highlights will be the provision of a poster service throughout the weekend where enthusiasts can turn their snaps into poster size images for the cost of the materials, plus a small contribution to charity.

Digital manufacturer and software provider Océ will be providing a super-fast printer that will provide colour images nearly four feet wide in just over 30 seconds!  Called an Océ ColorWave 600, the printer works through a printing technology called Océ CrystalPoint™. This technology, rather than inks, uses solid toner pearls that are converted into a gel, jetted and then crystallised on to paper. The Océ ColorWave 600 produces an A0 full colour sheet (one-square metre) in 34 seconds.

Event instigator David Chadwick said: “It’s been a lot of hard work, but it will be all worthwhile.  This event will be extremely visual and Océ’s help in producing the eye-catching posters on this revolutionary machine will be a real attraction and interest for rail and camera enthusiasts at what we know is going to be a fantastic event.”

On hand throughout the show will be Océ display graphics specialist Ian Guiver, who will be using Onyx Poster Production House software in conjunction with the printer, and be providing a series of master-classes on print production. “The camera enthusiasts will be able to see that it’s not just about pixel quality that makes a print stand out – it’s also to do with the technology,” he said. “The Océ ColorWave 600 prints on to a wide range of medias, ranging from uncoated and recycled papers all the way through to specialties like Tyvek for maximum durability with its water resistant CrystalPoint finish. The technology is environmentally friendly with no emissions of ozone, odour or fine powder and does not use liquids or solvents.”

Proceeds from producing poster images from photographs will go to the Little Havens Children’s Hospice, which is supported by Océ UK Ltd.


Vista System’s Wayfinding Signs Were Recently Installed at all KFC Branches in Spain


Kfc Wayfinding

Vista System International, a world leader in Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT), recently supplied its elegant and easy to update Wayfinding sign frames to “Carbonell Rotulación + Imagen”, for installation at all KFC Branches in Spain – as part of a big renovation project.

During the last 2 years, all branches of KFC in Spain went through an image upgrading process, focused mainly on re designing the point of sale areas. The designer of the renovation project needed an elegant and easily updateable sign system that will complement the new design.  Due to the dynamic nature of the project the signs had to be delivered to various locations in Spain within a very short notice. Vista System was chosen for its elegant design, ease of updating by in house staff and fast shipping options.

Modular Curved Frame Technology provides many advantages vs. other custom fabricated and modular sign systems.  It is easy to install and update by even a novice.  This saves time and the costs associated with using onsite signage professionals.  Clear, concise directions make the installation process fast and easy.  MCFT can be dismantled easily for efficient shipping and in many cases can even be shipped via such lower cost delivery services as UPS, FedEx and additional similar delivery companies overseas



Hollywood Monster Play Key Role In Success Of Morgan Sindall Merger

Morgan Sindall Hollywood Monster

Tim Andrews, MD Hollywood Monster and Graham Shennan, MD Morgan Sindall

Hollywood Monster played an integral part in the merger between Morgan Ashurst, Morgan Est and Morgan Professional Services which now all operate under the name of Morgan Sindall, creating a larger division.

The Birmingham based signage and wide format printers faced a huge logistical challenge when they were called upon to deliver the newly branded signage and other materials to over 250 sites and 42 offices all in the space of one weekend.

The merger between Morgan Sindall’s Construction and Infrastructure businesses makes the firm one of the largest in its field, employing more than 4,800 people nationwide.

Hollywood Monster are under contract to supply their sites and offices with branded signage, health and safety signage, window manifestations and plant stickers amongst many other services. The contract is worth in the region of £500,000.

Over 300 addresses required re-branding over three days, which saw more than 1,000 parcels sent out around the UK. All materials were manufactured within a two week lead time - culminating in over 3,000 man hours from the team at Hollywood Monster, right the way from the production workers to the managing director, Tim Andrews.

“This was a sizeable challenge for us all here at Hollywood Monster, we were thrilled to be part of such a momentous merger yet we knew we would have to pull together as a team to fulfil a contract of this nature. With a lot of hard work and dedication from everyone within the company we achieved the deadlines and were delighted with the results. We are now looking forward to a long and rewarding working relationship with the newly merged Morgan Sindall.”

Graham Shennan, managing director for Morgan Sindall said “This was a major challenge, but through excellent planning and teamwork by employees of Morgan Sindall and by Hollywood Monster, the re-brand was accomplished to a very tight deadline. We now look forward to developing and driving the brand forward.”

Following the Merger of Hollywood Signs with Monster Digital, Hollywood Monster have been going from strength to strength with the final quarter in 2009 being the busiest on record, with the output and installation of over 10,000 square metres of new temporary and permanent signage, graphics and visual media. Hollywood Monster work with some of the biggest names across the UK, including HMV, Morgan Sindall, Redrow Homes, Virgin Media, Lovell Homes and Crosby Lend Lease.