20 Apr 2021

Large format Epson-printed artwork wins ACE Award

Epson ACE Award image LFR

A stunning piece of contemporary art installed on the west wall of St Michael’s Church, Camden, ‘HS’, has won the ACE Award for Art in a Religious Context. Designed and created by artist Maciej Urbanek, the large-scale artwork measures more than 60 sqm and was printed using an Epson large format printer and media.

The ACE Awards were set up in 2003 to draw attention to standards in religious art and design and celebrate the successes and diversity of architectural and artistic projects in religious buildings throughout Britain. The winners of the 2015 Awards were announced at a reception held in the remarkable setting of King’s College Chapel, London.

A graduate of Goldsmiths College and the Royal Academy of Arts, Maciej is currently Photography Tutor at the Royal Academy Schools, while still developing his art practice producing large-scale printed works. He was introduced to Epson within the RA Schools’ Epson Digital Media Suite and has used Epson materials and equipment since he was a student so knows the technology well.

“Epson were very generous in offering me the use of their print facility at Hemel Hempstead in order to produce the 27 pieces that make up the installation,” says Maciej. “Not only did they provide their facilities but also their expertise. It simply wouldn’t have been possible without their help and support.”

The large scale photographic work impressed judges with its ‘drama and theology’ and its ability to ‘speak mysteriously and powerfully’. Maciej says: “I’m delighted with the finished piece and the fact that it has created a focal point for the whole community to enjoy. I’m also very happy it has won the ACE Award!”

[Image caption: ACE Award winner ‘HS’ by Maciej Urbanek, installed in St Michael’s Church, Camden.]

Proxama Network brings beacon technology to blowUP media’s East London banner package

Pernod Ricard London Brick Lane

Proxama PLC today announce an exclusive partnership with blowUP media UK that will extend the reach of The Proxama Network in the UK to 263 million consumers annually.

Proxama will install the technology on blowUP media’s East London Giant Poster network, which has a unique ability to reach young, technologically super-literate millennials, who are usually early adopters and style leaders to their peers.

The beacon-enabled Giant Posters will offer brands the ability to deliver in-the-moment contextual mes-saging to consumers’ smartphones, as they come within close proximity of the large-scale outdoor adver-tising displays. The beacons enhance a brand’s in-app consumer experience, delivering campaign data and analytics that relates to specific locations and a measurable end-to-end customer journey.

blowUP media‘s East London network has attracted a wide range of advertisers keen to reach the young early adopters around London’s Tech City, a high-powered centre of innovation, fashion, design and so-cial entertainment. blowUP media also has the largest network of Giant Posters in Europe, along with digital screens in top city centre locations, delivering impactful advertising to millions of consumers for major tier 1 brands.

The Proxama Network is a network of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons that has rapidly expanded over the last 6 months. Recent partnerships with Exterion Media, Ubiquitous and Eye Airports have led to beacon-enablement of buses, taxis and airport media sites; transforming them into intelligent in-the-moment, proximity mobile marketing channels for brands to utilise as part of their mobile strategies.

Jon Worley, CEO of the Proxama Marketing division said “This new partnership hits another exciting milestone for The Proxama Network. The potential audience reach of this new partnership with blowUP media alone, is massive. Over 72 million consumers will come into close proximity with these new beacon-enabled advertising boards every year. By applying beacon technology to an already impactful advertising channel, brands will have an opportunity to deliver con-textually relevant and campaign specific messaging to people moving in and around this very tech savvy area of London. What’s more, brands using these Giant Posters, can use the beacons to help gather data and analytics to inform and complement their consumer mobile marketing strategy. Incorporating bea-cons in to a billboard advertising campaign will add a valuable listening tool that will help to shape the success of future advertising campaigns.”

Simon Russell, Sales Director of blowUP media said “Applying beacons to our network of Giant Posters around East London where there is a high concentra-tion of early adopters and smartphone penetration, will offer an exciting new advertising platform for brands to connect the physical and digital. This technology, either used as stand alone or in conjunction with the iconic poster sites will allow advertisers to affect how and when passers-by pay attention to the displays and, when integrated into campaign strategy, has the potential to raise the engagement levels even further.”

The beacon-enabled East London pack will reach audiences on Great Eastern Street, Old Street, Kingsland Road and Brick Lane. The Giant Posters will be ready for the first beacon-enabled campaigns from November 2015.

Arlon hosts 'Automotive World Wrap Mania' competition at SEMA 2015

Arlon The Wrap Society

At the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Arlon brought together installers from all over the world into one booth for a prestigious wrap competition hosted by Arlon, “Arlon Automotive World Wrap Mania”.

The event started off with 6 teams, each with 5 installers, competing for the title of “Best Quality Wrap” or “Most Creative Wrap”. Each team brought unique qualities, skills and their creative minds to the competition which attracted crowds from all over the show floor.

The Arlon Automotive World Wrap Mania competition gave these top installers the first opportunity to work with the newly released Ultimate PremiumPlus™ Silver Chrome, and other Arlon favorites including: Blue Aluminum and Toxic Green. Each team was tasked with wrapping half of a vehicle in a limited three hour timeframe which included the most complex areas of the vehicle. A team of Arlon Automotive specialists judged each team’s execution on quality and creative design. After a neck to neck performance from each team, the competition proved to be a battle to the end.

The Wrap Society led by Team Captain, Niel Scotto of ND Vinyl, was awarded the “Best Quality Wrap” and the “Most Creative Wrap” was awarded to Team R.I.C.O. led by Team Captain, Carl Brewer of The Wrap Installers. Both teams showed exceptional skills in each category which led to their victory.

"Each Arlon wrap competition presents a unique set of challenges for the installers and this year’s competition did not disappoint. The inclusion of Arlon’s new Silver Chrome demanded a higher level of skill and innovative thinking from the installers,” states Ritchie Daize, Business Development Manager – Automotive, Arlon Graphics, LLC.

Arlon Team RICO


Hollywood Monster creates wow factor for Morris & Company property launch

CMYUK Morris

Specialist wide format print and consumables provider CMYUK and client Hollywood Monster recently teamed up to create a massive promotional graphic to help national commercial property developer Morris & Company launch the latest phase of its Vanguard trade park site in Shrewsbury.

Robin East, CMYUK Director explained: “Morris & Company approached us to ask the best way of creating a stunning temporary graphic to cover the outside of their new units. We introduced them to our customer Hollywood Monster, as we knew they had the skills and the kit to deliver a display that reflected the high end specification of the commercial units on offer.”

Hollywood Monster printed the 5m x 17m graphic with their VUTEk GS3250 printer using CMYUK’s UTACK Multi-surface repositionable and removable textile material, on 25m x 1220mm wide strips that were then mounted directly onto the building’s cladding.

Simon McKenzie of Hollywood Monster said: “We knew that as a temporary graphic the installation needed to be removable without causing any damage, which made the UTACK media the perfect answer. The adhesive is strong enough for even an outside installation like this one, but when removed it leaves the surface intact with no residue.”

Kate Watkins from Morris & Company said: “Vanguard trade park in Shrewsbury is one of our most successful developments in the Midlands, attracting respected national brands and business start-ups. Our campaign had to support this established brand profile as well as promote the commercial messages of the new phase of trade counter units as being versatile and flexible spaces combined with contemporary and quality design.

“We wanted to step change the traditional For Sale property boards and bring high impact visuals with edgy design to the development. The hoardings had to communicate the core values and USPs, as well as be visible from the main thoroughfare. This campaign needed the wow factor!

“The solution advised by CMYUK to work with Hollywood Monster was certainly the right option for us. The level of service, speed and accuracy to which they delivered the end product was nothing short of exemplary. The boards offer complete visual impact and the quality of the print gives clarity and vibrancy to the designs.”

Robin added: “It’s our aim at CMYUK to look for complete solutions for our customers, and the graphics produced by Hollywood Monster really were the business – not just raising awareness of the units’ availability but showing how easy it is to make stunning temporary graphics that have a real impact.”

Links Signs and Graphics takes Wayfinding a step further

wayfinding stairwell

Links Signs and Graphics moves beyond directory sign systems and finds its way to something bigger and brighter. Large Format Review takes a closer look:

Stairwells, practically every multi-storey building has one or more and, dependent upon whether it’s an architectural feature or a forgotten, non-public area, a stairwell can provide a mixed experience for the foot traffic using it.

Pedestrian traffic moving through those stairwells needs to know where it is. Which floor am I on and what else is on this level? A list of room numbers would be useful. Without such information time can be wasted and safety might even be compromised.

It is an old problem for which the paradigm solution has been the systemised directory sign. These signs identify the floor number and, perhaps, the rooms available at a given level. They usually don’t contribute much towards improving the ambience in what might be an overlooked part of an otherwise attractive building, and message legibility sometimes comes second.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way, as Links Signs and Graphics has proved with its recent installation for Liberty Living on behalf of a Blackpool-based construction company.

Arrive at any given floor in a new Liberty Living property and, thanks to Links’ work, there’s no doubt where you are. The floor number dominates the landing area with a colourful rendering covering an entire wall. Picked out within the floor-to-ceiling graphic is all the information visitors need, including room numbers. As a wayfinding aid, Links Signs and Graphics’ installation is functional and effective. As a means of enhancing what might otherwise be a really dull area, it succeeds brilliantly.

Producing and installing the scheme was an involved process. The Links team produced graphics for about fifty-six floors in total across a number of sites. Each involved a precision survey and reference to a supplied design. Wall preparation was also needed ahead of installation.

The graphics are both colourful and durable. The team used its Mimaki printer and a pairing of Metamark MD5 and its matched, matt-finished laminate to produce the job. Installation was completed on schedule and the whole programme never missed a beat.

Is it decor? Is it signing? The answer to both questions is an emphatic yes and even arguably a little more. This work takes the company to a market where it’s satisfying the need for what might be called functional decor. It’s new, dynamic and it’s bright and effective − Links Signs and Graphics is sure to find a ready audience for more.



Service Graphics and Drytac score at Wembley with Rugby World Cup work

Drytac ReTac RWC LFR

Service Graphics, the St Ives Group-owned large format printer, has selected Drytac’s ReTac 150 permanently peelable film for wall graphics applications for a prestigious Rugby World Cup 2015 branding project at Wembley Stadium.

The extensive work – which totalled 3,500 sq m of graphics – was printed and installed in nine days. The resulting graphics will remain in place throughout the tournament, which ends on October 31.

John Dooley, Account Director at Service Graphics, explained: “As the incumbent graphics supplier to Wembley Stadium, we were invited to pitch for the project to rebrand the exterior of the venue for the Rugby World Cup 2015. We won the contract and were responsible for printing and installing all exterior graphics, while ensuring that all non-tournament branding was covered up.

“To meet the requirements set out by Wembley Stadium – and given the high-profile nature of the project – we needed a printable film that would stay in position, have no show through, could guarantee a clean removal and carried a Class 0 Fire Rating.”

Antalis – Drytac’s exclusive UK & Ireland distributor, and a Service Graphics supply chain partner – recommended Drytac’s ReTac 150 film as the perfect solution. This 150µ matte white polymeric PVC is coated on one side with a pressure-sensitive permanently peelable adhesive and has been specifically designed for high vibrant print quality graphics. The film is printable by solvent, eco-solvent, HP Latex and UV inkjet techniques, and is easy to apply and easy to remove or move.

The thickness of the ReTac 150 material lends itself perfectly to rigid print applications and – with its Class 0 Fire Rating – is ideal for applications in public areas requiring compliance with strict fire regulations.

Dooley added: “We received samples of Drytac ReTac 150 from Antalis for testing. The results confirmed that ReTac 150 was the right product to meet our requirements.”

Once printed, the giant graphics were applied by Service Graphics’ installation team using a mechanical platform. Dooley said: “The installation of Drytac’s ReTac 150 film was incredibly straightforward and ultimately the decision-makers at Wembley Stadium were thrilled with the results.”

Steve Broad, Sales Director for Drytac Europe, commented: “We’re delighted that our ReTac 150 film was selected for such a prestigious and high-profile project. It has been designed to meet the precision needs of companies such as Service Graphics and is becoming ever-more popular among our customer base. This high-quality film is easy to apply, easy to remove and – crucially – leaves zero residue.”

Drytac ReTac RWC horizontal LFR

About Drytac:

Drytac’s entire range of films and adhesives is exclusively distributed throughout the UK and Ireland by Antalis.  For the most up-to-date pricing and availability, please visit www.antalis.co.uk.

For further information on Drytac and its leading range of films and adhesives, please visit www.drytac.co.uk.

About Service Graphics:

As the UK’s largest provider of high-impact visual communications, we have a long and proven track record of producing and installing work to the highest possible standard. We operate across a wide variety of sectors and, whatever the size or scale of the project, we have the solution.

Established in 1961, our goal is to provide professional streamlined visual solutions for all communication executions. We bring technical knowledge, innovative thinking and a dynamic approach to every project, bringing ideas to life and delivered them with maximum impact.

With four sites across the UK we have the scope and infrastructure to develop, produce, deliver and install visual projects.

Service Graphics is part of the Marketing Activation Division of St Ives Group, the UK’s leading provider of marketing and communications solutions renowned for its strategic vision and insight.