Dean Terry to build and develop business relationships as ITL's new sales manager



Ink Technologies (UK) Limited (ITL) has announced the promotion of a long-standing member of staff to the position of sales manager. Dean Terry, who has risen through the company since joining seven years ago, will work closely with the recently expanded customer service department to ensure all users and sales channels receive full, valuable and reliable support. He aims to acquaint a wider audience with the company's diverse and versatile range of options for small-, wide- and large-format production.

Terry's experience includes administration, logistics and customer service, giving him a holistic view of the company's role in the digital ink-jet market and the technologies associated with it. It was in this latter client-facing role that he honed his relationships with key accounts and channels, making his progression into sales a natural following step.

"I was attracted to the world of print because it was something of an unknown quantity," explains Terry. "All the usual options were presented to me, such as the police or the armed forces, but printing piqued my interest then and has inspired me ever since. The constant stream of new technology in this sector has continued to make this an extremely exciting industry to work in, while the competitive nature of the market means that there's never time to rest on your laurels. ITL stays at the cutting edge with a steady stream of research and development, meaning that there are always new and interesting products to take to our customers."

His enthusiasm for the company's range of inks, which include UV-curable, eco- and full-solvent as well as water-based options paired with significant market intelligence, will bolster ITL's robust sales division. Terry will expand its steadily growing client base, introducing new businesses to ITL's reliable, high quality ink options.

Terry's business values and background within ITL's service division naturally complement the manufacturer's dedicated customer-focused approach. During his time with the company he has continuously sought out new relationships and has grown a diverse and solid network of professional contacts. In addition, his detailed understanding of and passion for the technology within the print sector has ensured that each customer will receive the correct ink to fit with their needs.

"One aspect of the printing industry which I find so appealing is its fast-paced dynamism and the constant product innovations," enthuses Terry. "No two days are ever the same, making it an exciting and vibrant sector to work in. ITL matches the energetic nature of the market whilst mixing it with a consistent and stable approach to sales and growth. The company always provides a personalised, friendly service where the individual and their requirements are prioritised over aggressive selling and quick profits. ITL's belief in and commitment to customers' needs is something which I am proud to be a part of."

"Dean was a natural in this industry from the very beginning," comments Peter Williams, sales and marketing director. "His people skills and the strategic way in which he approaches business have always made him a valuable member of the team and, no doubt, will continue to do so. We do our best to value our staff and commit to them in the long term. Loyalty has always been a central value within the company and this approach extends to our customers. Once we establish a relationship, we like to build upon it. Dean is emblematic of this ethos and is the perfect person to maintain the bonds with our customers and help them to thrive."

"I have grown to love this market and my role within it at ITL," concludes Terry. "The company understands that working in sales is about so much more than closing deals. It's about cultivating relationships, getting to know companies and understanding their needs. ITL's whole culture supports this type of close network that is both professional and warm. I couldn't imagine doing anything else now."

Manufacturer and supplier of alternative small-, wide- and large-format digital ink-jet inks, ITL (Ink Technologies (UK) Ltd) was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Cheshire, in the north of England. All manufacturing and product development takes place in the UK only and the company achieved the BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standard in 2006, upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 in early 2009. Its products span a multitude of applications, including eco- and full-solvent, water-based, UV-curing and coding inks.