Jawdatt Mawassii is the newest addition to the ColorGATE team


Colorgate Productionserver Version 6

Starting 1st December 2010, Jawdatt Mawassii (53) will join the team of the internationally active RIP software specialists, ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions GmbH, as Executive Vice President Business Development. His main responsibilities will include the OEM and licensing business in close connection with internationally strategic partners. Mawassii’s last position was as Vice President Sales and Business Development at GMG, a leading solution supplier for high-quality proof systems.

Optimum positioning

“I have known and appreciated Jawdatt Mawassii for many years as a leader with strong communicative skills, who has impressed me time and again with his ability to leverage innovative concepts to the position of product leaders with great dedication and perseverance,” commented ColorGATE Managing Director Thomas Kirschner. “Our company is among the world’s foremost market players in the LFP sector today with outstanding people and technology. We are now concentrating on continuing to expand our sales channels and product range and are very happy to add another professional as experienced as Mr. Mawassii to our team. With his profound knowledge of the industry and his excellent connections, he will make an important contribution towards the successful implementation of our strategic reorientation from RIP manufacturer to customer-oriented solution supplier.”

Fit to face new challenges

“In large-format printing, the trend is moving towards mixed production environments, such as the parallel use of digital and offset printing systems, at a breathtaking pace,” said Jawdatt Mawassii. “The needs are just as great as the expectations; after all, what we need now are state-of-the-art solutions that offer the optimum in flexibility, productivity and user-friendly operation.

In this respect, ColorGATE is known around the world for continuing to set new standards in the entire industry with outstanding new developments; the latest example is the recently released Productionserver 6 UXT Campaign Printing solution. No question about it: ColorGATE has recognised the signs of the times and I very much look forward to tackling my new responsibilities and challenges.”