Joe Cushing named Chairman of ReproMAX Board for 2014

Joe X Cushing Headshot Lfr

Joseph X. Cushing, Executive Vice President at Cushing, has been named ReproMAX Chairman of the Board for 2014.  ReproMAX is dedicated to the evolution of wide format and digital printing technology, supporting a global membership of elite graphic imaging firms.

Joe brings over twenty-five years of printing experience to his role as Chairman.  “Joe brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to ReproMAX Corporation in his new position as Chairman of the Board,” said Rick Bosworth, President at ReproMAX. “As the world’s largest network of independent reprographers, ReproMAX depends on its strong tradition of innovative leadership.”

Cushing is one of the founding members of ReproMAX; Joe has served on the Board of Directors for four years.  In addition to ReproMAX contributions, Joe leads a team of Chicago print specialists who strive to improve the customer experience and wide format landscape.  Recent initiatives include a décor printing course in conjunction with HP and Adobe class on preparing design files at the Cushing-River North Office.

“ReproMAX offers immeasurable value to their member base and this appointment is a great honour,” said Joseph X. Cushing, Executive Vice President at Cushing. “I look forward to contributing to national and international efforts.”