Duncan Ferguson promoted to Executive Director, Professional Printing & Robotics, at Epson Europe

Duncan Ferguson has been promoted to the senior management team at Epson Europe as Executive Director, Professional Printing & Robotics.

Duncan Ferguson has been promoted to the senior management team at Epson Europe as Executive Director, Professional Printing & Robotics.

As Director of ProGraphics for Epson Europe since 2007, Duncan has played a major part in establishing Epson’s digital inkjet technology in a variety of production printing markets, including labels, signage and textiles. He will continue this in his new position, extending Epson’s portfolio of professional inkjet solutions and expanding into new markets and new applications. Duncan’s remit also includes the sales and marketing of Epson’s advanced robotic automated manufacturing technology into industrial applications.

Epson’s aim within the Professional Printing sector is to lead the industry’s shift to digital production by extending its portfolio of competitive inkjet solutions and expand into new markets and new applications. Over the next few years the company plans to continue to refine its innovative Micro Piezo technology, expand into high-productivity print-on-demand segments and improve the environmental performance of its inkjet systems.

Epson is well-established as the world’s eighth-largest manufacturer of robots, and while this business is already well-established in Germany, there is significant opportunity to expand further internationally. The company’s aim is to grow robotics into a business worth ¥100 billion by 2025. Epson robots combine smart and sensing technologies that enable them to handle sophisticated and highly precise tasks. In addition to improving the way products are manufactured, Epson’s goal is to create a world in which its robots support people by handling day-to-day repetitive tasks within the service sector.

“Over the past ten years Epson Europe has built a coherent, highly effective sales and marketing organisation, which has driven significant growth in the professional graphics sector. My task is to now expand this to the robotics and retail printing markets, as well as accelerating the further growth across EMEA,” says Duncan. “There is synergy between professional inkjet systems and robotics: while there is enormous potential for Epson robotics in the European industrial and electronics markets, there is also considerable technology transfer between our inkjet printing and robotics R&D which opens up new commercial opportunities in the long term.”

“Duncan’s appointment strengthens our senior team at a time when we are growing our business across all sectors,” says Rob Clark, Senior Vice President of Epson Europe. “This expansion is supported by a €50 million investment and new offices to be opened in Berlin, Munich, Lisbon and Madrid over the next two years.”