Avery Dennison Redefines its Role in the Graphics Marketplace

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‘We have redefined our role in the graphics marketplace’, says Jelle Kroes, General Manager, Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Products Europe, speaking from the FESPA 2010 exhibition in Munich, Germany.   ‘As global providers of large-format graphic solutions at all levels of the visual communications industry, we are today actively engaged in a dialogue with our end users – the brand owners, retailers, corporate identity and design consultancies, and architects.    That dialogue is aimed at establishing how best we can serve their needs in terms of application solutions.   It’s also  – of course – aimed at ensuring that the distributors and converters with whom we have an established, and valued, partnership  can meet those needs appropriately.   The strength of a global company is that it can, in the old terminology, think and act globally – but source expert local implementation.’

Market dynamics

Mr Kroes continues:  ‘Self-adhesive films have a major contribution to make in today’s signage and visual communications market.   They represent between five and ten per cent of the overall European market for all kinds of graphic media:  over €1 billion.   And usage is still increasing, thanks to new and emerging applications like vehicle wrapping.

Driving the market:  the end users

Avery Dennison is convinced that, today, the decision makers in terms of graphic solutions are, indeed, the end users.   Says Frank Jonker, Manager, Product Marketing, for Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Products Europe:   ‘A company that wants to use its corporate identity across a variety of media – from buildings and commercial vehicles to promotional billboards and window graphics – is – rightly – only interested in theconsistency and appearance of their brand image.   It’s got to perfectly match the corporate image (and colours), and perform to durability specifications.    With our distributors and our open and extensive network of first-class converters, distributors, and graphics applicators in Europe and around the globe, we are very well placed to exceed  those end-user needs.’

Initiatives at all levels

Avery Dennison is actively developing a portfolio of user services tareting  converters and graphics applicators.   Says Frank Jonker:  ‘This reflects our understanding of the growing importance of partnerships thoughout the supply chain for delivering the best possible outcome for the end user.    In parallel, we are today involved in creating ‘live’ communication with end users in key target segments to enhance awareness of the enormous possibilities with self-adhesive films, so we can continue to grow the overall market.   Central to this strategy are ‘discovery meetings’ with end users, design agencies and corporate identity consultancies around the globe to identify unmet needs – and inspire innovation.’

Summing up, Mr Kroes concludes:  ‘Our new strategy empowers the concept of our stand at FESPA 2010.   Major international industry showcases like FESPA have a key rôle to play in developing that strategy.  They can be key enablers in developing partnerships throughout the value chain.’