B&W Genesis cutter hits the mark for specialist manufacturer Mar-Key Group

BW Mar Key

A proud ability to boast that their products are ‘Made in Britain' is an asset shared by both Blackman & White (B&W) and Mar-Key Group, and one of the main reasons why the UK's leading temporary structure specialist purchased a B&W Genesis conveyorised cutter in March 2017.

The Genesis is perfect for cutting PVC, which made it the ideal wide format machine for the Dorset-based company.

Chairman David Tabb explained: "We primarily manufacture aluminium frame structures, and we needed the Genesis to improve our productivity when it came to producing covers for tents, marquees and other temporary builds.

"I had owned a B&W plotter back in the late 1980s so I knew what I was letting myself in for! It was a fantastic, leading edge piece of kit and I knew that Blackman & White would deliver again.

"The company was already my preference because their machines are British-made and manufactured to the highest standards. We looked at others but they simply couldn't offer the same level of technical support and quality of care that we'll be getting from a locally-based partner.

"As well as precision cutting, we were looking for speed and efficiency of pulling the material through. And we get all that from the conveyorised Genesis, which can even handle jumbo rolls up to 3m wide.

"The Genesis has increased our output and production levels as well as improving our turnaround times and quality.

"The machine benefits certain products more than others - say the fiddly jobs like pointed rooves on the smaller marquees - and this has enabled us to reach into new markets. In the past we've focused on manufacturing products for our own rental business, but we now also sell to the trade in the rest of the event industry."

And David says that the increase in productivity has enabled them to support local employment by introducing new jobs in departments across the company including PVC manufacturing and installation. He said: "People have a funny idea that more automation means fewer jobs but as we can produce more, we can sell more and fit more. It's a win-win for everyone."