BroadSign Mobile to bridge DOOH with smartphones in retail

BroadSign Mobile used by Xprnc Media to bridge DOOH with smartphones in retail

BroadSign International has deployed its BroadSign Mobile product across the Xprnc Media digital out-of-home network in retail locations.

Xprnc Media provides ad-based DOOH to top media retailers and plans to grow to 300 locations in the next two years. Reaching over 300,000 consumers monthly, the network selected BroadSign’s software platform for its depth, scalability and API, and believes BroadSign Mobile has opened the door to lasting communication with consumers once they have left the store.

Viewers are driven to the mobile experience through digital signage ads using QR codes and NFC tags. By interacting with the mobile menu, consumers can access product details, special offers, discounts, streaming media and any URL desired by the advertiser.

“BroadSign’s addition of a mobile solution to their already leading platform allows Xprnc Media to utilise media industry content to directly engage with consumers,” said Michael Fitts, President/CEO at Xprnc Media. “This comes at time when 85% of all consumers use their mobile devices at retail to obtain product information toward purchase decisions, as well as coupons and discounts. Our media consumers are the perfect niche to reach on mobile devices based on their desire to see and hear media before purchasing.”

Given that shoppers browse in-store from 15 to 30 minutes per visit, Xprnc Media’s 55” plasma displays run five-minute loops with 15-second slots. Half of the content is dedicated to advertising, while 20% of screen time is used for custom messaging by local managers through BroadSign Creator.

Other time in the loop enables the network’s audience to benefit from “mobile listening stations” and “exclusive concert screenings”, where concerts from artists like The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith are broadcast to all locations at 7 pm on Friday nights.

“Xprnc Media provides digital media in retail to inform consumers, while promoting brands and generating new revenue for retailer partners,” said Jean Beaudry, COO at BroadSign. “We are pleased that the addition of BroadSign Mobile now allows Xprnc Media to further engage with viewers while efficiently attracting ad revenue from DOOH and mobile budgets.”