Delta Rubber finds that the 'only limitations are the humans' working with upgraded Zünd

Zund Delta Rubber

Delta Rubber has part-exchanged its Zünd S3 M800, bought in late 2015, for a new Zünd G3 L2500 following 18 months of significantly increased output.

Founded in Dorset in 2008, the company makes specialist parts such as gaskets for larger machines, counting manufacturers of a wide range of technology among its clients. Jon Fisher, Director of Delta Rubber, explains that the initial investment in a Zünd S3 M800 was a big step for the small company but it soon became necessary to upgrade to a larger machine.

"The investment in the Zünd S3 in 2015 felt like a dive off a cliff but we soon realised it was a tiny splash," he says. "In 18 months we put £300,000 of business through it. It increased our versatility and overall lead times, but we felt a larger machine would meet more of our needs."

A new Zünd G3 L2500 was installed in May 2017 through Zünd UK's part-exchange programme, allowing Delta Rubber to cut larger and thicker gaskets.

"It's bigger but also more powerful, faster and can cut thicker material, for instance 40mm thick sponge," says Jon Fisher. "It also has the unique capability of cutting materials that are narrower than they are thick and can even cut materials at angles of up to 45 degrees. With the larger bed we're also able to cut larger pieces of material that previously had to be trimmed down manually so we're reducing wastage.

"We're very happy with it. Our only limitations are the humans working with it, otherwise we'd be operating 24/7."

The Zünd G3 is built on a bedrock of Swiss craftsmanship, combining reliable, safe performance with the highest possible quality and versatility. Like all Zünd systems it has a modular construction which enables Zünd UK to recommend the perfect configuration for each of its unique users. Capable of cutting rubber, foam, plastics, high-temperature compressed-fibre and other materials typically used by specialists like Delta Rubber – and much more – at high speeds with minimal user intervention, the G3 has increased workflow efficiency and throughput speeds for businesses across a range of industries.

For Delta Rubber, the investment in a Zünd system has also replaced the expensive and time-consuming process of making new tools to make new designs of gaskets. "You can make a one-off tool in minutes and remake it if it's not right, saving tens or hundreds of pounds each time," explains Jon Fisher.

Stuart Cole, Managing Director, Zünd Plotting Systems (UK) Ltd, comments: "We're delighted to see Delta Rubber climbing the ladder of Zünd technology with this new investment. As the Delta team found, the Zünd S3 is an excellent machine for smaller businesses but they can really fly with the increased size and power offered by our G3 systems.

"Following the acquisition of Zünd UK by the Swiss family business Zünd Systemtechnik AG this year, our team in St Albans is now very much the manufacturer of the Zünd range and will provide the highest quality service and support to Delta Rubber as they get to grips with the larger, faster Zünd G3."

Delta Rubber's Jon Fisher concludes: "We had seen the G3 at Zünd UK's demonstration centre in St Albans when we purchased the baby machine but didn't think we'd ever need anything that big. The first machine's capabilities and qualities meant we didn't look anywhere else for an upgrade and, although we're cautious financially as a company, we're now wishing we kept both machines!"

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