DPI appointed approved supplier for Wasatch


Digital Print Innovations Ltd (DPI) has been appointed as approved supplier for Wasatch, adding to its growing portfolio of quality wide and super wide format print and colour management equipment.  DPI is also an approved UK supplier of high end flatbed UV printers from Virtu, Jetrix and Novus and is an expert in colour management, traditionally specialising in Onyx RIPs to drive their recommended printers.

Stewart Bell, MD of DPI explains where the Wasatch RIP fits in to its product line.  “We were approached by Wasatch to look at their RIP and test it out at our new Digital Print Innovation Centre in Derby, which we did and were really pleased with the results. We tested it on some of the smaller printers we sell including the new Mutoh Valuejets and Seiko printers and found it to be an excellent RIP that is not only easy to learn, it could easily handle everything we threw at it under test conditions."

He continues, "Wasatch SoftRIP offers a good value solution to our customers that need a RIP. They also get all  the bells and whistles without having  to pay an arm and a leg to get the job done. The modular aspect of the Wasatch RIP however means that as the customer grows, they can also easily add any of the optional features such as cutting, variable data and support for other manufacturers' printers as their capabilities grow in line with their business strategy. The great thing about this RIP is that there is no penalty for adding or upgrading at a later stage.”

The Wasatch SoftRIP has drivers for almost every brand of wide format printer including HP, Canon, Epson, Seiko, Mutoh, Virtu, Jetrix and many more. It differs from most other expensive packages as it has a modular format – you purchase the basic RIP and then add only the modules you need. It’s simple and uncomplicated with a very user-friendly interface. Specialist modules include Contour Cutting and Textile Print.

Phil Pirie of Wasatch comments, “DPI brings to the market a very unique model in terms of wide format reseller. They bring a fresh approach to selling wide format and super wide format print equipment in opening their Digital Print Innovation Centre for printers and signmakers to properly test their files and jobs prior to making a new investment. They are renowned in the UK for their colour management expertise so we’re delighted to appoint them as an approved supplier for the Wasatch SoftRIP.”

For more information on DPI and the Wasatch SoftRIP, please visit www.dpi-uk.com.