DPI signs UK & Ireland distribution agreement for Novus Imaging's 'green' superwide format printer at SGIA

Novus Imaging Synergiah

Novus Imaging Inc., an environmentally-focused superwide format printer and ink company has unveiled its new patent-pending, full greyscale, 3-metre hybrid printer and a new patent-pending ink technology at SGIA. Digital Print Innovations (DPI) was also announced as the sole UK and Ireland distribution partner for the product range.

Founded by industry veterans Kevin Sykes and Mike Mills, Novus Imaging is making its mark in the industry with never-before-seen products and ink systems.  “Our printer is state-of-the-art and our AquEpoxy ink technology is unprecedented in the market.  Our focus is to bring cost-efficient, environmentally-sound solutions to business owners, while maintaining high quality and excellent results,” said Kevin Sykes, Novus Imaging President & CEO.

The company’s flagship product, the Synergia H (Hybrid), is a combination flatbed and roll-to-roll printer for maximum flexibility.  It is available in two models: UV and AQ, which denote the type of ink used.  The AQ model has minimal emissions, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and operates at twice the speed of current printers with exceptional quality output.  The lower cost UV model can be upgraded in both speed and ink type to the Synergia H/AQ.  With a minimum 10 picolitre drop size, the Synergia H has full greyscale capability, prints flawless photorealistic quality and continuous tone. It has a patent-pending belt design that combines enhanced material handling, increased vacuum and improved step accuracy, all of which contribute to its superior print quality.  

“There are many innovations in the way the printer was designed for unsurpassed performance and ease of maintenance,” Sykes said.  “For example, an innovative plug and play print bar design enables print head replacement and alignment in less than 10 minutes, glass secondary ink tanks provide continuous visibility of ink levels and our revolutionary iPad control centre contains maintenance videos, tutorials and expert system troubleshooting capability.” 

Moreover the printer will come with an extensive warranty package.

Novus Imaging’s pioneering AquEpoxy ink is an entirely new and eco-friendly, water-based solution that is 100% environmentally sustainable.  It also boasts superior adhesion characteristics, making it ideal for almost any rigid substrate up to two inches in thickness, including glass and acrylic, making it an excellent alternative to UV for those looking for a green footprint.

Another unique quality about AquEpoxy is that it does not require a high intensity lamp system like those traditionally used with UV technology to cure, which equates to tremendous savings on electricity.

For those who still prefer a UV solution, Novus Imagings’ UV27 inks are specially formulated for high performance, trouble-free printing.  The inks have superior adhesion, long- term outdoor durability and low maintenance requirements.  Equally important, they use the latest technologies to provide full cure properties at very low energy levels.  With less heat being applied, substrate options increase for both flexible and rigid surfaces, which also equates to lower utility costs.

“Novus is comprised of an environmentally conscious team of some of the brightest minds in the industry, which has resulted in a new printer and ink technology unlike anything that currently exists in the marketplace.  Our focus is ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and to support their profitable growth with our sustainable products and services. The UK grand format market is mature and we needed a distribution partner that would understand not only the product, but the needs of the market and the customers so we are very pleased to be working with DPI as our sole UK distributor,” Sykes said.

Stewart Bell, MD of Digital Print Innovations comments, “We’ve been talking with Novus for some months now about the new AquaEpoxy ink technology and we’re very excited about what this will bring to the UK print market and further afield. We’ve conducted rigorous tests with the Synergia H and it has stood up to everything we’ve thrown at it so far, so we are very excited about introducing this revolutionary new printer to the UK over the coming months.”

Novus Imaging products are designed and manufactured in the United States and will be distributed in the United States exclusively by Global Imaging, a leading value added reseller of wide and grand format printers and supplies based in Louisville, Colorado.  In the coming months, Novus Imaging will be introducing a full line of Synergia products including textile, dedicated flatbed and dedicated roll-to-roll printers.