Duomedia Public Relations celebrates 10 years all about you!

The Duomedia Team

Fueling business with new  B2B international clients and development of new channels

Founded in 1999, Duomedia Public Relations celebrated its 10th anniversary with an event at Dolce Hotel, Belgium, for clients, journalists, partners and the European team. At this occasion a video was released, hosting viewers into Duomedia’s office, illustrated with client and journalist testimonials. view video 10 years all about you
Duomedia fueled its business by adding new clients including Kodak, Punch Graphix (Xeikon), Ricoh Europe, Grapo and DiMS! For 2010 further growth is anticipated, supported by an increased presence in the UK and Italy, and the installation of an Advisory Board.

PR is much more than press relations. It includes communication of messages and values to a company’s stakeholders. In close cooperation with clients, Duomedia leverages PR programs with advertising, newsletters, testimonials and other activities on a cross-media and multichannel level.


International Trade Technology PR

Duomedia supports start-ups and multinationals including Alwan, Bekaert, Taleo, EskoArtwork, Enfocus, Atlantic Zeiser, Presstek and many more. Trade Technology PR programs are implemented to industrial and technical markets across Europe by Duomedia's dedicated team, and internationally through partners in Hong Kong and the US.

"Decision-making processes are more complex in B2B than in the consumer market, which is more individual and emotion-driven. Technology communication requires special skills and tools to create understandable messages.

Duomedia has developed an expertise in this field and built a network of specialist writers and translators." comments Anja D’Hondt, Managing Partner and Founder.

“The business model we developed over the past years has proven very successful supporting clients to increase brand awareness and market visibility. We are working very cost-efficiently, repurposing content across different media and spreading messages through several channels and countries.”

Developing new channels and media

Lutt Willems, Partner at Duomedia since 2000, adds: "Our cross-client multivendor press conferences for major trade events, hereby sharing travel costs for journalists and organization efforts, are an example of a creative and flexible approach."

Also on the advertising side, the bread and butter of trade magazines, approaches have become more creative, assessing the return on marketing investment with click rates on websites or other measurement tools. Publishers develop online channels complementary to print publications, organize round tables or other events, and offer branded content. view video
Other new services include video testimonials and online reputation management, applying social media like Youtube, Twitter, blogs and forums as channels for its clients messaging and community management. This is now only just developing in business markets across Europe, whereby Duomedia manages its own accounts on Youtube and Twitter.
“We needed a PR agency that understands our wide solutions portfolio and the diverse markets we are active in, managing the program centrally and implementing locally with our regional Kodak teams. Duomedia does a tremendous job for us, pro-actively and independently managing all PR activities with our internal stakeholders,  including a monthly e-newsletter, a multitude of customer testimonials across Europe, as well as press conferences and events.” says Patrick Hamilton, PR Director for Kodak EAMER.

PR raises visibility and provides journalists with easier access to information

A recent online satisfaction survey amongst 60 clients and journalists across Europe indicated a 90% satisfaction level on the services the Duomedia team is providing - mostly appreciating the high responsiveness and personal, professional approach.

All clients responded their PR remains currently the most important vehicle to drive their brand awareness, even more important during an economic recession. Their main motivation for PR amongst clients is (in order of importance): raising visibility, communicating with stakeholders, introducing new products and supporting industry event attendance. Trade journalists find that Duomedia as PR agency adds value by (in order of importance): providing easier/faster access to information, high responsiveness, online press office, offering of press materials and improving their relations with vendors.

The future looks bright

“For the future we plan a further professionalization and internationalization, leveraging our current presence in certain countries and markets, and expanding into new segments. We are broadening our service offering into areas like social media, online newsletters and video testimonials. Strategic consulting services have been upgraded with the Communication Scans, marketing consulting and training programs like Managing Media Relations for client spokes people. We look forward to a bright and challenging future, and another successful decade.” concludes Anja D’Hondt.