Flushing cartridges and maintenance kits now available from Selectech

Selectech Flush Pic

Selectech, the specialist supplier of ink, media and accessories to the professional wide format sign and display print market, has announced the timely availability of a two solutions – a maintenance kit and a flushing cartridge - which will provide print service providers with all the necessary kit to flush out and clean their printers over the Christmas period.

The maintenance kit consists of 500ml of MX Flush, two DX4 wipers, one DX5 wiper, ten lint-free wipes, ten foam-tip swabs, one syringe and two pairs of gloves.  The flushing cartridges offered are 220ml and can be purchased separately.

Selectech advises that solvent and eco-solvent printers should be flushed once or twice a year, depending on usage.  Christmas time is normally the best time to complete this task due to most companies shutting down for at least a week.

Selectech’s Aaron Clarke comments, “Flushing your printer in this way will help prevent heads from clogging and it will also help clean the ink lines and dampers.  With the cleaning kit you can also give good attention to the cap tops, pump tubing and waste tubing.  All of these parts are critical and need to be in good condition for you to achieve high quality printing for your customers.”

He continues, “It may also highlight areas that need attention – replacement sponges or dampers, new pumps or tubing.  You will then have time on your side to complete these tasks without the stress of your printer being down when you are busy.”

For more information, please visit www.selectech.co.uk, follow @Selectech_UK on Twitter or call +44 (0)1628 560 892.