Following Print 09 Fujifilm sees upturn in sales

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FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A., Inc., is reporting an increase in sales and sales inquiries in the weeks following the PRINT 09 Show. The company attributes the upturn to substantial investments in R&D, strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

With industry-leading businesses that include Fujifilm Sericol, Fujifilm Dimatix, and Fuji Xerox as partners, Fujifilm Graphic Systems is able to leverage advances in printing and graphic arts technology that provide customers with opportunities to profit in the evolving printing marketplace.

"At PRINT 09, our customers saw the fruits of our investments, including the North American debut of the new Fujifilm Inkjet Digital Press - a culmination of the collaboration among Fujifilm group companies," said Masahiro Ota, president and chief executive officer of FUJIFILM Graphics U.S.A. "Together with the Inca Onset S20 and Fujifilm Sericol's leading ink technologies, as centerpieces in Fujifilm's exhibit booth, we have never seen a more positive response from customers and prospective buyers."

According to Mr. Ota, in selecting Fujifilm, printers are choosing a partner that has the financial health and strength not only to guide their businesses, but to also lead the industry.

A leading securities firm, Mizuho Securities, recently upgraded its recommendation for Fujifilm's stock. The analyst observed that Fujifilm was, "now more likely to achieve record-high profits in fiscal 2011/12." (Forbes/Reuters) This assessment of Fujifilm's strength speaks to the success of the company's diversification into new businesses, and to its ability to reinvigorate traditional businesses by identifying high potential opportunities within their markets.

In Fujifilm's most recent report to shareholders, Graphic Arts was called out as one of the company's five priority business fields for growth, listing the following objectives for its print businesses:

• Fujifilm's continuous R&D investment in the printing and graphic arts business.
• Employ Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox's inkjet and xerography technologies and effectively coordinating such management resources as marketing channels and brand values in the digital printing market.
• Aim for the top global market share for CTP plates.

In the face of the current economic challenges, Fujifilm remains committed to leveraging its heritage in the printing and graphic arts field to introduce new solutions for profitable revenue generation.

"While it may seem counterintuitive or even a bit intimidating, economic climates such as the current one do offer business owners an opportunity to grow," said Mr. Ota. "This kind of growth requires both a focus on what's most important: cash flow, cost control, expansion of services and capabilities and effective marketing, as well as having a strong and reliable partner like Fujifilm.

"Our theme at the Print 09 show was 'In Control.' That's what we do, especially in times of economic uncertainty, help our customers remain in control and stay focused on what's most important to their businesses."