29 Nov 2021

Fujifilm appoint Astragraphia as Jet Press distributor in Indonesia

Graphic System (GS) team successfully appointed Astragraphia as official distributor for JET PRESS in Indonesia.

Fujifilm has expanded its distribution network with the appointment of Astragraphia, who will now act as the official distributor for its Jet Press 750S solutions throughout Indonesia. A leading provider of information technology solutions, Astragraphia has partnered with Fuji Xerox on an exclusive basis in Indonesia for more than 40 years and already has an extensive network in place, spanning more than 514 Indonesian cities.

Fujifilm’s Graphic Systems’ team signed the official agreement at a ceremonial tea event which took place on 22nd April 2019 at Astragraphia’s head office in Jakarta. It was attended by more than 30 people, including representatives from both Fujifilm and Astragraphia, as well as key trade and business journalists.

With immediate effect, Astragraphia will be responsible for marketing, sales and after-sales support services for Fujifilm Jet Press 750S printers throughout Indonesia. The Jet Press 750S is the product of Fujifilm’s decades of experience and expertise in leading world-class print and inkjet systems. It combines the consistent ultra high quality and reliability of offset with the quick turnaround speed, high productivity and customisation capabilities of digital print technology.

Fujifilm Mr Kawakubo speech

Launched in late 2018, the third generation Fujifilm’s Jet Press 750S offers even higher levels of reliability and productivity than the 720S model, which has been transforming commercial print and packaging businesses around the world for the last five years. Capable of printing up to 3,600 B2 sheets per hour, the Jet Press 750S is now the fastest, full-colour, B2 sheet-fed digital press on the market.

After a welcome speech from Mr. Harry Halim, President Director of Astragraphia, both parties officially signed the Memorandum of Understanding agreement and then hosted a photo session for the media. A highlight of the event was when Mr. Kawakubo poured ocha (Japanese green tea) as a symbol of welcoming, mutual understanding and partnership.

On the appointment of Astragraphia, Mr. Noriyuki Kawakubo, President Director of Fujifilm Indonesia, commented: “Since we established the Fujifilm Graphic Systems division in 2015, we have been working continously to contribute to the printing business in Indonesia by delivering our advanced products and solutions. Today, we are proud to appoint Astragraphia as our official distributor for Jet Press in Indonesia."

“I believe this collaboration will strengthen Astragraphia and Fujifilm Indonesia’s position in the printing industry and will lead both parties to greater success."

The ceremonial tea event lasted for just an hour but left a good impression on both business partners as well as the media in attendance. Mr. Noriyuki Kawakubo also passed on a congratulatory message for Astragraphia’s 43rd anniversary in business, which was celebrated on the same day.

For more information on Astragraphia, please visit: www.astragraphia.co.id 

Fujifilm Mr Kawakubu pouring ocha to Mr Harry

One of the most remarkable moments was when Mr Kawakubo poured Ocha (Japanese green tea), as a symbol of welcoming, mutual understanding and partnership.