GPT announces upgrade offer on Shiraz RIP

Shiraz Rip Server V8 Pic

The latest version of the Shiraz RIP, including Shiraz RIP v8 and Shiraz Signature RIP v8, will be available from GPT in January 2012. It will be demonstrated at GPT's upcoming Open Days (24th to 26th January) and GPT is also offering an exclusive upgrade offer for existing users. Place an order to upgrade to Shiraz v8 before 22nd December and enjoy up to 60% off the normal purchase price.

The new version of Shiraz provides a host of key benefits. It offers faster RIP times, latest file formats, white page layout, manual multiple image positioning and centralised nesting. These enhancements will help users save time in processing as well as give them more tools and allow them to work on the latest platforms and latest printers.

Stuart Cole, general manager of Graphic Printing Technologies, says, “The new version of Shiraz really does give customers much more for their investment. The new software is much faster, more flexible and more productive It has more features, offers more support, more driver support, more profiles and works on more platforms. It is also more up to date and more user friendly.”

Users will have the opportunity to see the product in action and working with a range of printers at the GPT Open Days. Ring 01189 294429 to book a demo time.

Stuart Cole concludes, “As a premier partner of Shiraz, we are also delighted to be able to offer an exclusive upgrade deal that I am sure many customers will be interested in. With savings up to 60% off the normal price for orders placed before 22nd December, we like to think of this as an early Christmas present for our customers.”