Graphic Printing Technologies is Acquired by Amari Plastics plc

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After just over two years of trading, which have already seen it become one of the UK’s leading wide format printing solutions providers, Graphic Printing Technologies (GPT) has announced its acquisition by Amari Plastics plc. The move gives GPT the commercial backing it needs to meet the next key phase of its business strategy, allowing it to expand its physical presence and market coverage.

Plans are already in place for GPT to move into a new and larger building, which will offer increased office and warehouse space, as well as boasting one of the UK’s largest and most advanced product showroom and demonstration facilities. GPT will also benefit from working with Amari Plastics’ established business management and administration systems.

Stuart Cole, General Manager of GPT, comments, “The key message to our customers, suppliers and the market in general is that this acquisition will allow us to not only maintain, but improve on the core principles of our business. GPT will still be in control of its own destiny and we will continue to provide the unrivalled service and support that has helped us grow to the position that made us attractive to Amari. The only real difference is that we now have the backing of a multi-national corporation, which means we will have much greater influence in the industry, particularly in terms of financial strength and business security.”

Robin Howard, Chief Finance Officer of Amari Plastics plc, comments, “GPT is an excellent acquisition for Amari Plastics and one that sits very neatly within our company portfolio. In a very short period, the company has grown to become a key player in the industry and have demonstrated exactly the sort of business acumen and approach we want to bring into our corporation. We will support GPT in its ongoing business objectives and fully expect the relationship to be hugely beneficial both in terms of profitability and market presence.”

The acquisition took place on Friday 2nd July and is effective immediately. Graphic Printing Technologies will trade under the same name, but as part of Amari Plastics plc, not as a limited company. Until the move to new premises, all phone numbers, contacts and emails will remain the same.

Stuart Cole concludes, “It was always our intention to build a business that would catch the attention of acquisitive organisations like Amari Plastics. My only real surprise is that it has come as soon as it has. However, this is very much due to the better than expected performance we have achieved in the market, despite operating through one of the worst recession in living memory. We have all worked really hard to achieve what we have so far and are very much looking forward to taking GPT on to the brand new levels that it was simply not possible to achieve on our own.”