ImTech Patent Approval for UV-Curable Fluids for HP Thermal Printheads


ImTech announces new patent approval for thermally ejectable UV curable fluids

Years of development work led to the patent and resulted in ImTech providing three industry-leading, UV Curable inks for HP45 cartridges to the industrial printing market.

President and co-inventor, Bill Buskirk stated that "Our development was focused on a market opportunity: printing on non-porous substrates with thermal inkjet technology. Until recently, using thermal inkjet for many direct-part marking or package printing applications was not possible because inks were not available for these types of materials. Our products allow many of these applications to be addressed with the simplicity and low cost of thermal inkjet cartridges and printing technology."

Buskirk went on to state that "broadening the market addressable with thermal inkjet remains a top priority for our product development team.

“ImTech is releasing two new inks for HP45 cartridges demonstrating our capabilities with fast drying solvents for polyethylene and PVC based substrates," he added.

Specialty fluid development remains one of the core competencies of ImTech, a technology development and engineering company focused on the use and application of inkjet in the global industrial market.

ImTech provides specialty inks, printing systems and related consulting and engineering services for inkjet applications. Its products are available worldwide, ranging from piezo and thermal inkjet development and characterization tools to HP industrial coders, bulk systems and inks. As an OEM inkjet partner with HP’s Specialty Printing Systems Division, ImTech is licensed to fill new, original HP 45 cartridges with its own inks. The company’s ink solutions include UV-curable inks for use in TIJ products, as well as application-specific and custom inks.

ImTech’s engineers are recognized industry experts who were instrumental in developing thermal inkjet technology; collectively they have more than 250 years of inkjet and imaging experience and have more than 150 patent authorships. Recently, ImTech was named 40th on the 2010 Portland Business Journal’s fastest growing private businesses in Oregon list, marking ImTech’s third straight appearance.