Metamark CEO Paul French positive about industry bounce-back

Metamark CEO Paul French positive about industry bounce-back.

It’s a been a while now since the UK Government actioned its lockdown programme and signs are beginning to indicate that the unprecedented measures are having the desired effect.

“That said, everyone is still operating in very challenging times and we’re all looking for a way forward that takes us safely into territory that better resembles what we remember as ‘normal.’

“Here at Metamark we’re seeing something of a bounce-back and it’s fuelled by two things: One is the sheer amount of social distancing material signs and graphics producers are being asked to make, and Two, Metamark’s ability to supply the largely unpredicted increase in demand for the products required to make them despite not having forecast the volume.

“We’ve been safely maintaining much of our production and conversions capabilities at Metamark so we’ve been able to positively respond to this new demand. We have good stock levels that ensure we’re meeting our service commitments to the best extent possible, and we’re building further finished goods and raw material reserves in anticipation of a changing mix of sales as the signs and graphics markets moves through this phase of change.

“Metamark’s production plant is in full operation and making all of the products our customers need to respond to the demand the markets are making of them. Our offices, our phone-lines and our email systems are manned and ready to respond when customers or specifiers contact us, whether to place an order or for application development support.

“On behalf of everyone at Metamark, we would like to thank our customers for their support through these difficult times and say that we extend our support back to them. I’ve always had a great sense of connection with Metamark’s customers and the markets they supply and that’s been really accentuated by events lately. It’s clear to me that we’re all, Metamark personnel and our customers, moving steadily in the same positive direction. My job is making sure Metamark’s here with all the help, support, and products needed to address the situation as it stands today and be ready as the market evolves.

“We’re in this together.”

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