New production site for Weerg in the name of 4.0 Industry

New production site for Weerg in the name of 4.0 Industry.

And if innovation is its DNA from its establishment, Weerg - new platform that offers online CNC manufacturing and 3D printing - confirms the trend of exponential growth by announcing the imminent relocation to a new facility that triples the area dedicated to production.

Faithful to its Venetian origins, the company will move to its new headquarters in Gardigiano around the turn of October and November. “We chose a building that could respond to our sudden needs for business expansion and therefore space dedicated to production systems. It is a former knitwear factory of about 27,000 square meters, which we will occupy initially 5,000 square meters, in addition to other 3,000 square meters already optioned. A choice that allows us to envisage future expansions of the machine park without requiring further transfers”, says Matteo Rigamonti – who, by combining the benefits of mechanical tradition with the advantages of a service based on pure e-commerce, has given rise to

The last installations of the Hermle systems that have already been ordered for some time will be carried out directly in the new site, completing for the time being the production line dedicated to CNC machining, which will include two batteries of 5 Hermle each, fully automated through the implementation of anthropomorphic robots. A further upgrade to the production in the 4.0 Industry. In addition to CNC manufacturing with five-axis continuous Hermle c42u centres, there are also 3D prints for which a separate department is dedicated, relying on the industrial performance of the 6 HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200, which today represents the largest installation in southern Europe. A workflow that has earned the prestigious Trusted Shops certification, synonymous with guarantee and quality for e-commerce throughout Europe. 

For both CNC manufacturing and additive production, the production starts from the e-commerce site where the customer can upload the file in a few seconds, get a real-time quote and proceed to the order. A simplicity of use that uses a fully automated production process, orchestrated by exclusive evaluation and management software developed with great skill by the R&D department of Weerg. The software is the starting point for the inputs that direct the latest generation of machinery, carefully selected according to parameters of efficiency, productivity, quality and automation. “One of our mottos is 'Set and forget': clearly we address our customers to whom we want to offer a purchasing experience that is absolutely new in the world of mechanics: the estimate in a few seconds and the certainty of the delivery date, which can be chosen from 3 to 10 days" - explains Rigamonti. "But not only that, because this slogan also tells the story of our organization, where all the steps are managed through advanced software that drastically reduces manual intervention by operators and therefore procedures relegated to craftsmanship that does not belong to us”.

Although related to the Venetian territory, where also the employees come from, Weerg aims at conquering the European markets, thanks to a service that currently has no equal, addressing vast and diversified sectors: from automotive to boating, from mechanics to aerospace, up to all the possible declinations of industrial automation in different product sectors. Today, more than 15,000 requests for quotes converge daily on the e-shop, all automatically processed with maximum correspondence and in a few seconds from the exclusive proprietary software.