Océ backs fundraising campaign for UK Flagship and Oceans of the Seas project

Oce Flagship

Océ has announced its support for a Daily Mail campaign which aims to raise over £100million for the UK Flagship and Oceans of the Seas project.  The company has been praised by Rear Admiral David Bawtree, a key figure in the project for more than 20 years.

Océ printed the original designs for a great sail training ship a decade ago. It has recently re-enforced its links by providing the printing for the project backed by Prime Minister David Cameron that needs financial support from industry and individuals without using taxpayers’ money.

Now the Daily Mail has launched a campaign to raise a total of £100 million whereby the UK Government hopes that the new ship, which will principally provide education and adventure to disadvantaged young people, will also have a representational role for the UK and Commonwealth. It’s anticipated the new ship will cost £80 million to build with £20 million needed to provide bursaries for young people. Its first voyage could be as early as 2016.

The new ship will be “the largest, most magnificent and modern square-rigged sailing ship in the world”, said Admiral Bawtree. It will also serve as the University of the Oceans, undertaking research into the health of the oceans and providing opportunities for flexible and academic programmes for young people from the UK, Commonwealth and other countries.

Admiral Bawtree says, “The people who are being asked to contribute to the project expect only the best – and the printing is no exception. Océ’s work in providing high quality printing support has been very well received by everybody. I continue to give a number of talks in the City and elsewhere and the publications done for us by Océ have been invaluable. The large graphics – printed on the Océ Arizona – are particularly impressive.”

Bron Curley, Managing Director of Océ UK, adds,“As a world leader that prides itself on client relationships and providing quality service, we are proud to have been able to contribute in a practical way to such a worthwhile project that, once a reality, will benefit so many people, particularly the young, from all walks of life for an experience they will never forget.”