Orbus introduces trade-only online store - shop.orbus365.com


The Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, one of North America’s leading trade suppliers of display, exhibit and event solutions, has launched a new trade-only client portal and online store: http://shop.orbus365.com

With online shopping becoming ever more popular, Orbus is filling the needs of trade-only customers with a website where they can place orders for any of Orbus’ products and associated graphics 24-7, 365 days a year. Not only does the site serve as an online store for clients, but also as a resource of information on products, services and more. The site includes a complete help section with details on shipping and returns, as well as a comprehensive downloads area that includes instructions and graphic templates for each product. Clients can also safely access their order history and see their pricing structure, which is tied to a unique login.

With continuously expanding quality product lines, quick turnaround times and an easy ordering process, we hope long-time customers will be pleased with the familiarity and ease of use they have come to expect from Orbus. Shop.orbus365.com will also provide customers with an area where they can access non-branded sales and marketing materials, making it easy to promote and sell Orbus products. An unbranded version of the site (www.exhibitors-handbook.com) is also provided so customers can direct clients to view products they offer.

“We strive to continuously create an easy and convenient environment for customers,” said Giles Douglas, President and CEO of The Orbus Exhibit & Display Group. “We are happy to offer an online purchasing option, yet will of course continue to pride ourselves on providing excellent one-on-one customer service.”