PaperlinX announces new generic trading name for UK & Ireland businesses

Paperlinx Phil Carr Pic

International merchant group PaperlinX has today announced that it is introducing new corporate branding within its UK and Ireland business. The Group, which includes Howard Smith Paper Group, Robert Horne Group and PaperCo, will, with immediate effect trade under parent company PaperlinX’s banner.

Amidst a highly competitive business environment, PaperlinX has been undertaking a series of measures to revitalise and improve efficiency within its customer sales and service operations, drive performance improvements and improve profitability. The decision to re-brand as PaperlinX is designed to clearly communicate the Group’s unified approach to customer service and follows the recent restructure within its Commercial Print business which saw the creation of one unified Account Management Team.

Managing Director Phil Carr says, “Our objective is to create a clear, consistent identity and to increase the visibility of the PaperlinX brand across all our operations in the UK and Ireland.

“We now have one dedicated team providing customers with access to the Group’s entire product portfolio via a dedicated Account Manager and it makes strong commercial sense to promote our offering that includes paper, packaging, graphics, digital wide format printers and print consumables under one unified brand.”

For customers, there will be no change to trading terms and conditions and the three UK operating companies will remain as legal entities. “Positioning PaperlinX as the lead brand across our UK and Ireland business will enable us to better service customers across all of our divisions - delivering greater clarity through one brand and one point of contact, whatever their requirements,” adds Carr.

[Photo shows PaperlinX's Phil Carr]