PIA celebrates 125th anniversary

Pia 25th Banner

Printing Industries of America, formed in 1887, is pleased to announce that 2012 marks its 125th anniversary as an association. To help celebrate this milestone, a new logo and webpage have been created. The webpage will highlight not only the history of the organisation but also the future of print and Printing Industries. Video and audio pieces featuring industry experts will be developed to capture their view of print’s past and its future. Celebrations will take place throughout the year, including one at Printing Industries of America’s booth at GRAPH EXPO 2012.

"It's important to look at our history to not only see what we've accomplished, but to learn from our past," Michael Makin, CEO of Printing Industries of America, said, "This association has grown and evolved over the years to nurture printers as they've embraced change in the industry, and we're excited to look back and explore our rich history. There’s certainly a lot of information to glean from the past 125 years."

Printing Industries of America was born out of a constitutional convention held in Apollo Hall in Chicago, Illinois, to help assuage the printing industry's competition and labour problems. Then known as United Typothetae of America, the association defined a mission that it still carries to this day: exchanging information and assisting each other where necessary.

Over the last 125 years, Printing Industries of America has grown to provide state-of-the-art research, hands-on training, and economic insight and helped spread the value of print. This anniversary celebration will look at those facets and educate members of the industry with key insights and a storied history of how Printing Industries of America has evolved to what it is today as well as what it will be in the future.

All of the 125th anniversary content will be available at www.printing.org/125years.