Pixartprinting’s customer care excellence is now certified

Pixartprinting has been awarded TÜV certification, confirming that "Pixartprinting Spa's management system meets the requirements of UNI EN 15838: 2010 - Contact centre support services for clients, consumers and citizens".

Pixartprinting has been awarded TÜV certification, confirming that "Pixartprinting's management system meets the requirements of UNI EN 15838: 2010 - Contact centre support services for clients, consumers and citizens".

This certification is the result of a long process launched some time ago by Pixartprinting with the aim of optimising its customer care provision, and TÜV, an international and independent body, has now provided tangible and verifiable proof of the quality of the service provided. The certification, which aims to define the levels of performance and quality offered in the customer care sector from the point of view of the service users, is valid for multi-channel customer care services.

"Our online shop is not just about the products on offer: our customer service is an integral part of what we sell" Andrea Pizzola, Sales & Marketing Director at Pixartprinting commented. "The satisfaction derived from it is an extremely important tool for increasing customer retention and loyalty. For this reason, our customer care team is structured around the localisation strategy of our range, which has always been a fundamental part of our approach to the market. TÜV certification helps to strengthen the brand's value and the trust of our customers, as well as allowing us to take on specific orders that require this certification".

Pixartprinting's customer care team currently employs 50 members of staff, all based at the firm's premises in Quarto d'Altino. Every day the team responds to queries from the online shop's 250,000 customers with multi-channel support via telephone, email and social networks. The support offered covers three different phases: pre-sales, helping customers to browse the site and offering advice on products and materials; sales, assisting customers with changes to orders or non-compliant files; and after-sales, managing any complaints and providing information on delivery times and couriers.

Users in Italy, France, Spain, the UK, Germany, Portugal, Russia and Romania can call a national phone number, which will be answered by a mother tongue operator. This service will soon also be available in Catalan and Dutch. At certain times of the day, American customers can also make direct contact with localised operators in Italy, who work in partnership with their colleagues in the USA.

"What struck me when auditing Pixartprinting was the international vision of the customer care service, which is seen as support for the firm's clients, an integral part of the printing service they are buying online. I was also struck by their ability to provide information in the customer's own language" explained Maria Teresa Cordasco, Lead Auditor from the TÜV Italia auditing team. "Users worldwide receive a customised service close to their expectations from Pixartprinting. The operators' technical ability in graphic design, politeness and promptness to respond are constantly monitored, as set out in UNI EN 15838: 2010".

Before joining the Pixartprinting customer care team, operators must go through a rigorous training programme. This includes theory sessions to acquire knowledge on the website, localised sales policy and the products; practical sessions with the manufacturing department to get to know the graphic design programs and the CRM system; and, finally, on-the-job training alongside trained members of staff. The workers' skills are not limited to a meticulous technical knowledge and the necessary language skills, but also personal skills such as politeness, empathy and stress management.

"Obtaining this prestigious certification enhances the way we operate" stated Pablo Dellavedova, Customer Care Manager at Pixartprinting. "The team has gained awareness of the importance of its role and been given new stimulus to grow as part of a continually evolving project. Our aim is to offer an excellent customer experience as added value above and beyond our products".