printMAX extends Podium Prices promotion

Printmax Promo

printMAX has extended its Podium Prices promotion until early September to coincide with the day of the closing ceremony of the Paralympics.

Chris Martin, printMAX’s sales manager, explains, “This offer received a great reception in what could have been an otherwise quiet month. The country was enthralled with the 2 weeks of sport and it was encouraging to still be receiving calls on the back of our podium prices. However, the London games are far from over, we still have 2 weeks of promising excitement to be had from the Paralympics so we’re choosing to extend the offers not only to reflect that but to also entice customers away from their televisions and sun loungers by giving them that extra incentive.”

printMAX’s offers cover new Roland printers, including free ink and media, along with 'enticing' finance rates.

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