Salford Software turns to Paul Turner Displays for flexible stand

Salford Software Stand

For more than 20 years Salford Software has successfully delivered information technology solutions and services to organisations across the UK.  Established in 1991 it is wholly owned by the University of Salford and operates as an independent business.

One key element of Salford Software’s marketing strategy is attending exhibitions and conferences across the UK, including conference and shows such as the UCISA Management Conference 2012 at Celtic Manor and the AoC communications event.

To make it feasible and cost effective for Salford Software to attend so many shows, the company needed to find a stand which could be used at multiple locations. Not as simple as it sounds, when you consider the space available at each exhibition can vary hugely.

Lisa Drakonaki, Marketing Manager for Salford Software said, “We wanted something that looked really powerful and would make an impact at each show attracting potential customers to visit our stand, but at the same time we didn’t want to spend a fortune.”

Having worked with Paul Turner on many previous occasions, Lisa turned to him for some advice. Lisa continued, “I knew I could trust Paul to come up with a solution that fitted our brief. He has always provided excellent exhibition equipment and a great service with a personal touch.”

After considering various options Salford Software decided the ISOframe wave system was the one for them. It gave them a visually attractive and modern stand whilst having the flexibility to change the shape and size with minimum hassle.

The stand has been used at several events to date and has worked extremely well. At one show, Salford Software had a corner position and the ISOframe wave made excellent use of the space. Lisa commented. “It is like having a purpose built stand for every show we do; we can turn up with a system that looks fresh and professional and fits the space perfectly. The ISOframe wave system allows us to make adjustments such as placing a larger table at the front of the stand, without having to replace the whole stand. It is incredibly flexible and looks fantastic.“

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