21 Feb 2024

Soyang assure customers of uninterrupted stock availability

Soyang Europe statement on Coronavirus COVID-19 and supply chain.

In light of recent global challenges around coronavirus COVID-19, we want to reassure all our customers about our stock availability. It is currently business as usual at Soyang, both here at Soyang Europe but also at our textile manufacturing partners at Soyang Technologies in China.

Here is a statement from our partners at Soyang Technologies: "Over the past few months, owing to our great government control and medical measures, the industrial chain in China has recovered and our productivity achieved more than 95%. So far, no employee at Soyang Technologies is infected with this virus. You can rest assured that your orders are guaranteed both in time and quality. It has been a tough time for every country that suffers from COVID-19. Sending love & prayers to every one of you."

In our UK Distribution Centre at present, we have a stockholding of over 1.5 million square metres of material. Our stocks are controlled through an integrated management system which always factors in factory closures such as Chinese New Year or the European summer shut down, so we always have a buffer of 2-3 weeks with overstocks on fast running materials in case of spikes in business. It is for this reason and the efficiencies of our Chinese colleagues that our stock levels have not been affected during this difficult time.

Since the Soyang Technologies factory returned from the Chinese New Year, 6 containers, with approximately 207,000m² of material have already left China. The Soyang factory is now back to running at 80% capacity which is increasing each week.

The strength of Soyang Europe lies in our capacity to hold vast amounts of stock in our UK Distribution Centre, guaranteeing uninterrupted supply of our extensive product portfolio, which is available on a next day delivery as standard. We are proactive with our supply chain and have guaranteed container space on ships booked for months in advance; it is this forward planning along with stockholding that ensures continuity of product and service.

Our portfolio also includes a wide selection of European manufactured printable materials which continue to arrive on a weekly basis, ensuring there is no interruption to supply. Our strong partnerships with manufacturers from France, Germany, Portugal, Canada and the USA as well as China have been longstanding, giving us and our customers great continuity of quality and supply. Sales at Soyang Europe are on par with 2019 and January 2020 saw a record January in the history of the company!

We are also excited to be focusing on our PVC-free range over the coming months, with new additions to our environmentally friendly printable textiles display materials, including blockout, backlit, 100% recycled polyesters and flag. We look forward to sharing more information about this with you over the coming weeks.