21 Sep 2021

The world of Guandong in an App

The new Guandong App was developed with this premise in mind, and is downloadable for free on smartphones and tablets.

In an increasingly digitalised world, with everything just a click away, equally simple and immediate work tools have become indispensable.

The new Guandong App was developed with this premise in mind, and is downloadable for free on smartphones and tablets. Not a simple product showcase, but a true gateway to the rich and innovative world of “theSpecialitieSpecialist,” the App's strength lies in its ability to easily access a vast gallery of images and videos that immediately illustrate Guandong materials' countless applications.

“A new link completing the communication flow between Guandong and its whole supply chain, with a view to collaboration, creativity and future vision,” as Guandong Team Principal Daniele Faoro explains. The App's launch comes just a few weeks after the presentation of the MM21 Collection, for the first time in a multilingual interactive digital version, and is aimed not only at agents, retailers and printers, but also at architects and designers who are often in search of innovative ideas and solutions.

And from the latter group, the first appreciative considerations have already started coming in. “I started using the new App, and immediately appreciated its practicality and immediacy,” says architect Aldo Cantone, CEO of Oniion, specialized in the development and management of exclusive communication projects, with a special focus on installations for the world of retail. “Having an entire gallery of application solutions at my fingertips allows me to show directly to my end customer the actual ways a specific material can be used. Furthermore, the images themselves can become a source of inspiration and experimentation as regards products that we sometimes only have knowledge of on paper. Through the App, we have the opportunity to actually see these products at work.”

Furthermore, from the App it is also possible to access exclusive services offered by Guandong, such as: sampling, which facilitates expert technical evaluation; sample rolls, ready-to-be-tested samples packaged in branded reels; and the G5 Factory service, which allows for the ordering of tailor-made material in terms of customisation, half-sizes, adhesive backings, die-cutting, and assembly. Services that are already being appreciated by printers of the caliber of Colorzenith, as confirmed by their Sales Manager Alessandro Fieschi. “We have been using Guandong materials for some time, and appreciate their specificity, technical performance and high quality. The services that Guandong offers us are certainly an added value, which today we can access even more quickly through the new App. The possibility of consulting an immense archive of photos and videos relating to the applications also represents an endless source of ideas.”

Through the App, it is also possible to access our financial services, which include solutions such as the Trust Card and instalment-plan payments. Furthermore, attention given to Green themes, such as certifications and technical data sheets relating to the recyclability of Guandong materials. Completing the App's contents are sections dedicated to current promotions, news and corporate events, in addition to the “Talk to us” chatline, which allows you to interact directly with Guandong Customer Service, so as to receive technical information in real time, price estimates, or to schedule appointments.