Trade Signs UK's sales boosted by Clarity Marketing

Clarity Marketing Report

Trade Signs UK, a specialist trade supplier of bespoke manufactured sign systems and online consumables, has signed up Clarity Marketing to 'revolutionise' its marketing operations.

Clarity Marketing, a trading division of Clarity Software, is a software system based purely 'in the cloud' at and is available to anyone; regardless of whether they have a Clarity MIS system installed.  It has been designed to make it easier for small and mediium-sized businesses - including sign and display companies - to manage and deliver successful online marketing campaigns.

With prices starting from just £10 per month, Clarity Marketers can use the simple designer to publish branded and personalised bulk email messages to users. The system tracks the open, click-through and forward rates, and creates graphical charts and graphs to present detailed reports in an easy, quick-glance view.

Haylee Benton, Trade Signs UK's marketing and operations manager, explains, "We needed a way to keep track of how effective our marketing was being and needed our email promotions to be read by all.  Our email server was always being clogged up with the emails we were trying to send to our 7000 strong database, so with Clarity Marketing being an online tool hosted by a third party, this made perfect sense."

She continues, "Clarity Marketing's layout completely flows and is so simple to use.  It lets you move freely and easily to find contacts within a large database, making it stress-free to build highly targeted lists.  The first email promotion we published using Clarity Marketing resulted in an increase in quote volumes of 50%.  We've also increased our average order value from £2000 to £3000.  This proves that more people are seeing our promotions - I'd thoroughly recommend Clarity Marketing to anyone."