21 Feb 2024

Two ArtSystems divisions gain ISO accreditations


Nottingham-based ArtSystems has recently announced that two of its operational divisions have gained new ISO accreditations. Xativa and Neschen Supplies - both key parts of the ArtSystems business - have been successfully accredited with ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System awards.

Both certifications cover the distribution of computer peripherals and accessories, and the supply of a range of technical services associated with them. This means that ArtSystems customers that deal with Xativa and Neschen Supplies are now assured the same quality of service that they enjoy directly from ArtSystems.

The team at ArtSystems is delighted, with Simon Cooksey, ArtSystems Operations Director saying: “These certifications ensure a continuity of our operational and environmental management processes, and guarantee this for customers who may only deal with us through one of our divisions.”

In fact, gaining ISO accreditation brings a good many benefits not just to a company’s customers, but also to the business itself. As David Fenn, ISO Chief Executive points out: “No matter what your marketing and PR says about you, successful organisations recognise that their quality and its assurance is most credible when validated by a respected third party.”

He adds: “The benefits include a more motivated workforce, increased client satisfaction and greater stakeholder value. Achieving recognised certification can also help you qualify for tenders, gain external finance and set you apart from your competitors.”