Wide format printers, Imageco are going solar

Wide format printers, Imageco are going solar.

Leeds-based print and signage firm, Imageco have committed to install 256 tier 1 photovoltaic solar panels to generate enough energy to power their 30,000 square ft facility.

The new solar solutions will save enough energy to power 18 homes for an entire year, and dramatically reduce their carbon output. The Co2 savings per year would be equal to travelling 135,000 miles by plane and to offset this carbon, over 2,500 trees would need to be planted.

Imageco are harnessing the power of the sun to print responsibly with sustainability in mind. Even during the pandemic, when the print industry was hit especially hard, with job losses adding up over the sector and traditional demand drying up. Imageco were looking for new ways to adapt and innovate their energy consumption, putting aside thousands of pounds of investment to achieve this.

This shows Imageco’s commitment to achieving their sustainability goals by any means necessary, they are sticking by their brand values even during hard times. The decision to revolutionise their energy consumption comes just months after they spent a considerable amount installing a voltage optimiser in the facility, a tool to help them cut carbon output by 9,363kg of Co2 per annum.

Both the voltage optimiser and the solar panels are products of a collaboration between two local eco-conscious firms. Planet U are the green energy suppliers that have given Imageco the tools to continue to innovate, even in the face of adversity.

Planet U’s CEO, Grant Nicholson had this to say about the collaboration, “It was an incredible opportunity to work with Imageco, an ultra-eco-conscious company that shares the same vision for the future as we do. Imageco have green roots and it shows, their dedication to sustainability is incredible.’

A dedication to sustainability that is matched by her majesty’s government, as the chancellor announced a £10bn investment to make UK homes greener, signalling that the period of growth that the country is about to undertake will be backed by green polices and investment. With this, solar power will likely become much more common in workplaces, with print likely being one that will benefit from the stimulus package offered by the government.

Imageco’s MD, Nathan Swinson-Bullough has been one step ahead and has been in the process of implementing this change since the beginning of the pandemic, he had this to say about the switch. “We’re excited to be embarking on a new journey towards a more sustainable future with the installation of our very own solar panels.

“This marks a beginning of our solar campaign, which will give us the edge on our competitors, allowing us to continue to innovate and stay green. We will be saving 62,000kwh and 33,647kg of Co2 per annum.”