WIP Digital Solutions announced as new Seal distributor in South Africa

Seal As1 600

WIP Digital Solutions in Pretoria is the new Seal distributor in South Africa.  Currently responsible for regional distribution of Roland printing systems in particular, WIP Digital Solutions is now expanding its product range to include brand products made by Seal: laminators, finishing machines and consumer materials. These include various protective and mounting films, as well as inkjet media.

"To begin with, we will focus on the laminators Seal 62 Base, 54 EL and the AquaSEAL AS 1600", says Gerrie Badenhorst, Managing Director of WIP Digital Solutions in Pretoria. The roller laminators 62 Base and 54 EL are well suited to the professional finishing of numerous materials with films, and the AS 1600 lets you apply water-based varnishes to a whole host of different media.

"Alongside Keymark Media in Johannesburg, WIP Digital Solutions is now the second distributor marketing our brand range in South Africa", adds Andrew East, Regional Sales Manager from Seal Graphics and Neschen AG in Bückeburg.  "Another important fact is that our products complement Roland printing systems perfectly – a great way to round off the WIP Digital Solutions portfolio."

SEAL has a comprehensive range of protective, finishing and mounting films in its product portfolio. Together with the right machine, the large selection of consumer materials always ensures perfect results for all mounting and laminating processes.

For more information, please visit www.sealgraphics.com

[picture shows the AquaSEAL AS 1600 which enables users to apply water-based varnishes to a whole host of different media.]