17 May 2021

Uniform channel back Colorific Ink

Colorific ink for Uniform users 

The inks previously sold as Uniform Activasol and Uniform Citrosol are now exclusively available in the UK through Colorific, the official UK distributor appointed by the original Uniform ink manufacturer.

The Uniform reseller channel are also delighted to again have unrestricted access to ink supplies.

Here is what the resellers themselves have had to say...

Michael Bolton, MD of printMAX “We are very happy to see Colorific appointed as the UK supplier for the Colorific Uniform inks, already they have added genuine value to the product for us, creating a strong brand in Colorific, assisting us with the marketing of the product, raising awareness, and most importantly allowing us to offer continued support to our customers.”

Malcolm Evans of Signmaster Systems added "Since Colorific have started supplying us with the original Uniform ink formula, our supply problems have gone away. We get delivery from stock, we know the inks are identical, we are happier, and more importantly our customers are again happier."

Jason Burroughes at Perfect Colours also confirmed "Stock availability has been good, and the marketing assistance we have had from Colorific has helped us to win new business."

Preston-based Granthams, who have installed and supported Uniform products for many years, were also happy to have access to the Colorific Uniform inks, stating “it is important that customers have the option to stay with the same formula of ink”.

Stuart Lee and Dave Foster of Selectech were equally keen to express their satisfaction with the Colorific appointment, “Myself and Dave were both at B&P up until recently, and through Digidist we have had significant help in establishing our business, marketing it, and having continuity of supply on the most important products, not least ink. It has been a refreshing change, we have stock, we can deliver, and it is all backed up by a great level of after-sales service. ”

In terms of the service provision mentioned by Stuart above, Colorific are also pleased to report that they have tied up a deal to provide ongoing warranty and on-site support to the Uniform customer base. This warranty is available through the resellers named above.

So, if you run a Uniform printer, you can be satisfied that putting Colorific ink into your printer is the surefire way to ensure the ink is the same now as it has been previously. This will allow you to move forward with confidence, knowing that your colour profiles will match, and most importantly, your ability to produce repeat work to the same standards and in the same colours, has not been compromised.

EFI Reports Q1 2009 Results

efi electronics for imaging 

Electronics For Imaging, Inc., the world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, today announced its results for the first quarter of 2009. For the quarter ended March 31, 2009, the Company reported revenues of $96.1 million, compared to first quarter 2008 revenue of $136.6 million.

GAAP net income was $26.7 million or $0.52 per diluted share in the first quarter of 2009, compared to a net (loss) of $(5.2) million or $(0.10) per diluted share for the same period in 2008.

Non-GAAP net (loss) was $(4.3) million or $(0.08) per diluted share in the first quarter of 2009, compared to net income of $12.0 million or $0.20 per diluted share for the same period in 2008.

Non-GAAP net income is computed by adjusting GAAP net income with the impact of recurring amortization of acquisition-related intangibles, stock based compensation expense, project abandonment costs, certain tax charges, as well as non-recurring charges and gains, such as asset impairment charges and our sale of certain real estate assets.

“Our results reflect the continued weakness in the global economy as well as our ongoing cost reduction efforts, which resulted in a 14% year-over-year decrease in operating expenses,” said Guy Gecht, CEO of EFI. “While our industry is not seeing any significant improvement in market demand, we are managing our resources to emerge from this slowdown a stronger company. Our recent introduction of the VUTEk GS3200 and GS5000r UV printers as well as new Fiery applications are key steps in maintaining our industry leadership. We will continue to take proactive steps to mitigate the impact of the current environment with more product innovations as well as an additional reduction in costs in Q2.”


EFI offer Stimulus Finance Package

efi vutek logo 

Currently being offered exclusively in the United States, with global finance programs becoming available in the near future, EFI today announced the innovative EFI Stimulus Package, financing program for its VUTEk® line of superwide printers. The EFI Stimulus Package helps qualified print service providers grow their businesses and protect their cash flows. The program provides for zero out-of-pocket costs for the first six months of ownership followed by 50% off of the normal lease payments for the next six months on new qualifying printer purchases dramatically lowering the first full year cost of ownership This new program is expected to boost businesses' abilities to expand their product portfolios and reach larger revenue-generating customer bases with minimal impact on cash flow for the first year of ownership

"In this challenging economic climate EFI is focused on finding creative financing solutions that will allow our customers to own the industry's best printing solutions," said EFI president Fred Rosenzweig. "The EFI Stimulus Package for VUTEk superwide printers allows print businesses to position themselves ahead of the competition by expanding their product portfolio and customer base, all while spending less cash."

EFI's line of award-winning VUTEk superwide printers has a reputation for speed, high productivity and exceptional color-quality. VUTEk's stunning white ink capabilities open the doors to a whole new world of applications that drive demand by delivering jobs faster and at a higher quality than the competition. Companies can take advantage of all the benefits of digital printing, including the ability to customize messaging, print shorter runs and dramatically reduce production times with VUTEk superwide printers.

"The EFI Stimulus Package allowed us to economically acquire new VUTEk QS3200 technology that will help grow our business with new and more lucrative revenue opportunities without the immediate financial pay back pressures," said Chris Wilson, Venture Printing chairman.