25 Oct 2021

Double Durst investment boosts Retail Print Solutions' business

RPS Durst

A calculated risk with a near-£2million investment has paid off well for fast-growing Retail Print Solutions (RPS) with two Durst wide-format printing systems the centrepiece of its success.

RPS, the full-service advertising and display specialist, based in Leicester, is confident of reaching a £15 million turnover target in five years’ time, thanks to the investment in two Durst systems, the Rho 312 and P10 200 HS.

“Before we had the Dursts, we were turning away up to 50% of work requests because we just didn’t have the capacity even though we were double-day shifts,” said Kevin Boyle, Managing Director of RPS.

“With building works and other purchases, we’re investing approaching £2million. It was a calculated risk for a company of our size, but we’ve never looked back and the orders are starting to rush in now. And we don’t have to turn them away!

“The ability to print at such a high speed and such great quality is fantastic for our business. The Durst experience has been very good. It’s excellent compared to what we’ve been used to in the past. These days, it’s essential to be able to turn round work incredibly quickly. The Dursts enable that to happen.”

He added: “We are printing 1m x 3.2m hoardings in a minute. And the service we get now is awesome.”

Point of Sale work currently accounts for around 90-95% of RPS’s turnover, but that is likely to go down to around 60% as the company expands into many other areas such as exhibition, signage, retail and fabric graphics, particularly for backlit graphics. RPS customers are also increasingly demanding white ink solutions, which the Durst provide.

RPS works in diverse sectors that include airports major high street retailers and health. One of the new contract major gains since the Durst investments has been graphic work printing for an international vacuum cleaner company, which vetted RPS for print quality. That deal is likely to be worth in the region of £1million a year.

Peter Bray, Managing Director of Durst UK, said: “We are delighted that our market-leading systems have had such a dramatic impact on the RPS business. These Durst Rho 312 and P10 200 HS systems are providing the level of productivity they require in their demanding production markets, and at an affordable price.”