21 Feb 2024

ArtSystems offers free James Cropper photo board sample packs

Until the end of October 2016, ArtSystems will be offering a free A4 sample pack of James Cropper’s ready-mounted photo board range for users and resellers.

Nottingham-based specialist distributor ArtSystems has announced it plans to increase brand awareness for James Cropper’s popular pre-mounted photo board by offering free sample packs to users and resellers.

Until the end of October 2016, ArtSystems will be helping promote James Cropper’s value for money, one side printable, ready-mounted photo board range by offering a free A4 sample pack for users and resellers. Recently repackaged and rebranded, the boards come in pearl, satin or lustre finishes, and are available in packs of 10. They are come in five sizes ranging from 11x12 inches to 20x30 inches.

Paul Tarry, ArtSystems’ Consumables Sales Divisional Manager, said: “James Cropper’s portfolio of pre-mounted photo boards are incredibly popular and have proved ideal for a broad gamut of uses – from portraiture to POP to museum displays. Its forgiving surface produces great, professional quality photographic prints from a wealth of inkjet printers, and the across the board the range offers great value for money.

“The conservation quality of the boards along with their suitability for UV and water-based inks makes them extremely cost-effective for any site requiring multiple prints that need mounting quickly − whether in a gallery or high street retail environment. James Cropper fits perfectly with ArtSystems’ philosophy of providing its resellers and their customers with both top quality and affordable products.”