For the sake of the environment: solvent-free, odourless and durable

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When it comes to the environment, Neschen AG and HP work together. As a certifi-cated development partner of HP, coating specialist from Bückeburg Neschen AG has collaborated with the inkjet manufacturer to develope digitally printable media which are ideal for HP’s latex inks and printers.

In terms of quality and versatility, the water-based HP latex inks are similar to solvent-based inks. On Neschen media, they have maximum brilliance – a deep black with glossy, intense colours. The pictures are pin-sharp and are radiant on the materials. But as far as the environment and health and safety are concerned, they are significantly less polluting. Digital prints produced with HP latex inks have no odour and release extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds.

During printing, they produce no ozone and are free of any other hazardous air pollutants. Special ventilation is not neces-sary and there are no requirements for emissions. Neither are they flammable or combustible, and they are not classified as hazardous wastes.

“Neschen AG traditionally relies on environmentally friendly products and processes” said Frank Seemann who is in charge of Marketing and Communication at Neschen AG in Bückeburg. “This now includes the eco-friendly digital print using latex inks. We worked in close collaboration with HP to develop the print media to suit. Thus, high quality is ensured.”

Used together with the HP Designjet L65500, printing services are now able to cover a wide variety of different applications. These range from POP, street and building advertising to exhi-bition design and vehicle signing as well as a huge variety of signs for events and functions. For these applications, latex print technology provides durable, odourless prints. They also offer a high level of versatility and productivity so that printing services are able to increase their capacities while minimising their impact on the environment.

“Resource and energy-saving production is increasingly impor-tant these days” continued Frank Seemann. “New concepts are required as a result of stricter environmental controls and the greater consumer awareness of green issues. As one of the leading suppliers in the book protection and graphics industries, Neschen AG recognised this trend some time ago and consis-tently relies on green production processes and materials. A current example of this is the print media for latex inks.”

Neschen AG also offers a high level of production security with a comprehensive service including advice on all its products and applications. The consistent high quality and wide choice of media for commonly used ink systems goes without saying. Neschen customers enjoy a special free service – download-able ICC profiles and the Neschen Colour Concept.