Hollywood Monster signs up for recycling initiative and saves 30% in landfill costs

Hollywood Monster Daren Hollins

A leading signs and graphics specialist and a display materials supplier have joined forces under a new eco-friendly initiative that aims to boost their waste recycling and save them money.  The Pyramid Recycling Initiative means hundreds of tons of waste, including PVC, acrylic, polypropylene, aluminium composite and polycarbonate, which may otherwise have been sent to land-fill will instead be recycled.

The move means that Birmingham-based Hollywood Monster, and Pyramid Display Materials, which has bases in Birmingham, Manchester and Gateshead, will reduce their carbon footprint, improve their green credentials and save money in the process.  In one month alone, Hollywood Monster has saved over 30% of its land-fill costs.

Pyramid’s head of sales and marketing Neil McCarthy said the company used the move to its new 40,000 sq ft property in Manchester earlier this year to completely review its waste and recycling policy.  The company had previously had some recycling initiatives in place but was also paying to have several wheelie bins of mixed waste material removed every other day. The same procedure was operated by branches in Birmingham and Gateshead. Pyramid now works with a company called RETECH, based in Halifax, which supplies all its branches with separate metal cages for seven separate waste categories. The initiative has been so successful it has extended it to selected customers including Hollywood Monster.

Pyramid uses a separate recycling company for its paper and board and general mixed waste. All waste - the majority from cutting and converting for customers - is carefully separated and put into the relevant cage, he said.

Some materials that contain different products like self-adhesive vinyl (PVC face film and paper liner) have to go in mixed waste. For all RETECH cage waste the company receives an agreed price per ton, per category. It currently recycles around 30 tons of waste per month.

Hollywood Monster facilities manager Daren Hollins said: “Hollywood Monster has a strong commitment to introducing and improving ways of combating waste. We always do what we can to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. By working with our suppliers we are able to recycle as many products as possible.”

Neil added: “We are delighted to be able to help Hollywood Monster with their recycling initiatives. As Pyramid, from our own waste we now recycle over 30 tons of various display materials including polypropylene, aluminium composite and foam PVC to name but a few.

“When Hollywood Monster asked if we could help them with their own waste we were more than happy to assist by supplying them with recycling cages. It has created a win-win situation for both companies.”

[photo shows Hollywood Monster's facilities manager, Darren Hollins]