New POP display media with recyclable laminated structure launched by BCP

Bcp Ditto Formcore1

A new POP display board, BCP Fluted Packaging Ltd.'s Ditto Formcore, that incorporates a completely recyclable laminated structure is set to 'revolutionise' the way in which retailers specify in-store signage.  The new media has been developed to provide a compromise-free alternative to existing PS foam, PU foam, corrugated and solid display boards. Ditto possesses similar high bulk, lightweight characteristics of foam centred boards but with none of their performance or environmental issues.

Ditto's innovative, patented laminated structure is produced utilising a unique manufacturing process and consists of two embossed layers formed symmetrically and laminated to coated board. Its balanced open multi-directional structure performs well in-store even in challenging atmospheric conditions including chilled sections. Ditto delivers a high level of stability and flatness that other substrates cannot match and BCP believes it will be the first paper based display board to be considered for permanent internal signage and not just promotional campaigns.

Ditto is biodegradable and its high quality white paper construction means that it will attract the best post-consumer waste price where segregated for recycling.  In terms of material content when measured against a foam centred board disposed of through landfill,  Ditto is in the region of 7.5 per cent revenue positive.

High quality graphics are achievable either by screen-printing, where Ditto's stability assists tight registration on multi-colour work, or digitally. As well as being suitable for litho-laminated displays, BCP is able to offer a broad range of alternative liners including patterned or holographic film and foil. For additional impact, retailers can specify their corporate colour for board centres, subject to volume. Ditto  is suitable for guillotining, die-cutting and creasing without the need for special tooling or techniques, and can be formed to create unique shapes and structures.

BCP has invested significantly in developing the manufacturing technology that is at the heart of the new board. The process has been specifically designed to maximise production throughput while delivering the highest standards of quality and consistency. This means that Ditto can be obtained via BCP's distribution partners Proctor Paper & Board and its subsidiary businesses Buchanan Paper & Board and A&R Board easily and quickly for in-store campaigns with the tightest production timescale.

Brian Jones, BCP's proprietor and Chairman, said that the development and launch of Ditto represented a real breakthrough for the retail in-store signage sector.  "The range of substrates currently available is considerable, but there are simply too many performance and environmental compromises that the retailer has to make - which is why we have developed Ditto. PS and PU foam boards are being used less and less these days because of their environmental impact but the fact that they still command significant market share is a clear indication that no all-round single paper based solution has been available until now. Foam centred board is notoriously unstable and is prone to warp once printed or whilst hanging in store due to changes in humidity. Corrugated and solid display boards may be recyclable but corrugated is prone to twist and suffers from flute show-through whilst solid boards lack rigidity and stability.  We predict that there will be real enthusiasm for Ditto as retailers recognise the significant benefits it has to offer both in performance and in terms of environmental objectives. Ditto is truly the market's first compromise-free signage option."

Ditto can be obtained via BCP's distribution partners Proctor Paper & Board - - and its subsidiary businesses Buchanan Paper & Board and A&R Board.  For more information, please visit